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Something for the Weekend

Untitled, c1975 (Marcia Hare in Memphis, Tenessee)

If you find yourself at a loose end this weekend and want to soak up a bit of culture, why not take a trip to the National Portrait Gallery to check out the William Eggleston exhibition

Eggleston revolutionised colour photography back in the 1960s and ’70s by experimenting with colour transparency film, and his vivid and mysterious images have become iconic. Eggleston rarely captioned his images, leaving you to interpret each photo in your own way and although he’s photographed celebrities, his images of the ordinary people in his life are often far more interesting.


Many film-makers, such as Sofia Coppola, credit Eggleston as an inspiration for their work and he’s provided album covers for a whole host of musicians, including Big Star, Primal Scream and Vampire Weekend.

We were lucky enough to take a peek at the exhibition a few weeks ago, and also visited the all-important gallery shop on the evening they collaborated with the fabulous Pop Boutique, giving us a truly 70s experience.

Pop Boutique National Portrait Gallery Shop

The team at Gallery Shop have curated a collection of books, clothing and homewares that refelect the photographer’s work. You can find mini prints of his work and even a limited edition, signed exhibition book, as well as vintage cushions and scarves (the perfect 1970s accessory!). We highly recommend taking a visit! You may even find a few images you recognise…

La Fiesta Mexicana

Now the weather is starting to warm up (even if it’s ever so slightly!) our minds are firmly fixed on how we can update our wardrobes to match. So imagine our luck when we came across these festival-worthy pieces from Lowie. Bringing together playful cacti prints, bright colour pops and fringing, Lowie’s SS16 Mexicana collection certainly aims to sizzle. The eye-catching Pom Pom headband is a fun, stand out piece, while the Yucatan Print Bermuda shorts is just the right length guaranteeing a comfy and stylish look. We can’t wait for summer!


Lowie Crochet_Neck_Sweatshirt

Lowie Blue_Cactus_Jumper

Lowie Mexican_Monochrome_Shell_Top

Lowie Yellow_Cardigan_-_Front

Liberty X Uniqlo

So Liberty have done it again. The quintessentially British brand has collaborated with UNIQLO to create a unique collection, featuring the iconic prints from their archives that we LOVE. Fusing together the signature Liberty print with UNIQLO’s clean and casual designs, they’re just perfect for spring. The collection is available online from 11pm, 17th March and  in store from 18th March. We’ll see you in the queue…

Liberty uniqlo print collection

Liberty uniqlo print collection

Liberty uniqlo print collection

Liberty uniqlo print collection

Wear and where?

If you’re someone who always likes to dress to impress, whether doing a spot of shopping, heading out for a bite to eat or soaking up some culture at a gallery, then it can sometimes be a little tricky to gauge what the dress code should be. But help is at hand…

We’ve spent some time deciding what our perfect outfit for every occasion and first up is the art gallery, where you want to play it smart but comfy.APC Denim Ruffle Shirt Illustration There’s nothing worse than getting too warm when stomping around the city’s best galleries, so layering is a must. We love this comfy APC Denim shirt, perfect to throw on with a pair of jeans and a jumper.

MuaMua Instagram Bag

A cross-body bag that only has room for our essentials is a no-brainer, as you don’t want to be weighed down all day. This quirky MuaMua number is our go-to, and is totally Instagram-worthy!

Converse white trainers

And most importantly, no feet would be complete without a pair of comfy trainers. Make sure every step is taken in comfort and in style by wearing your trusty Converse.

Illustrations by Scarlett Josse

DIY: Autumnal Floral Crown

 The nights are drawing in and the temperatures are dropping… We’re well and truly into autumn. Let’s face it, autumn is one of the best seasons with the changing colours of the leaves, hearty grub to keep you warm and the excuse to stay in and keep cosy. In celebration of the season, make yourself this Autumnal Floral Crown!

DIY Autumn-flower-crown

You will need:
Scissors, Needle and thread, 1 metre of ribbon, Selection of coloured felt squares and glue

Autumn-flower-crown ingredients

Step 1
To make a heart flower, cut 3 tear shaped petals, 4 heart shaped petals and 3 double petals. Stitch through the bottom of each of the petals starting with the smallest moving up to the bigger petals. Gather them up and twist them around to make the flower and glue it in to place.


Step 2
To create the pompom flower, first take a strip of felt and fold it in half along the length, then cut lots of small slits along the fold. Starting at one end roll up the length gluing it in place as you roll. Secure the end in place with a stitch for extra strength.


Step 3
Don’t forget to cut a selection of leaves in different shapes and colours.


Step 4
To make a rose style flower, cut a circle of felt then cut a scalloped spiral into the middle. Starting at the centre twist the spiral so the petals curl up around the centre. It helps to catch it in place with a few stitches here and there as you twist it around.


Step 5
To make a succulent flower, cut 6 pointed tear drop petals then 12 larger pointed petals and a small disc of felt to attach them to. Glue 6 of the larger petals around the edge of the felt disc, then a little closer in – glue the next 6 so they sit in between the first 6. Then interleaving the smaller petals glue them into the centre.

Autumn-flower-crown (6)

Step 6
To make a thistle flower, cut two lengths of coordinating felt and along the length of one cut v shapes into it to create a grass type look. Then like the pompom flower take the other piece and cut small slits along the length. Start with the second piece and start rolling it up, gluing it in place as you roll. Then when you reach the end, start to roll the grass layer around the outside. Again gluing it in place and securing with a small stitch.

Autumn-flower-crown (7)

Step 7
To make a tropical bloom flower, simply cut 8 spiky petals and stitch them together at the base, pulling them together tightly and securing with a few extra stitches.

Autumn-flower-crown (8)

Step 8
To assemble your flower crown take a length of felt approximately 25cm long by 5cm wide and round off the top corners. Take the length of ribbon and glue it in place matching up the centre of the ribbon to the centre of the felt strip.

Autumn-flower-crown (9)

Step 9
Start by laying out all the flowers you have made in a nice arrangement above the headband. Then begin gluing the leaves you have cut to the headband, before gluing the rest of your felt blooms in place starting at the outside edges and working your way to the middle.

Autumn-flower-crown (10)

Step 10
We highly recommend using a specialist fabric glue, but a glue gun would also work. If you don’t have any glue you can always sew the felt leaves and flowers to the headband. Once the glue has fully dried you can place the crown on your head and tie the ribbon in place at the base of your hairline.

Autumn-flower-crown (11)

Words and Photography  Liveitloveitmakeit

Dead Friendly

Halloween is almost here and everywhere we look we see ghosts, ghouls and all sorts of scary monsters. Though one ghost we’ve come across is slightly less frightful, more adorable…Lazy Oaf have a new collection dedicated to everyone’s favourite friendly ghost – Casper!

Whatever your style, there’s something for everyone with dresses, t-shirts and even fluffy jumpers. 

If Halloween usually has you hiding under the covers, this is the best way for you to finally get into the spirit of things…

For the love of Liberty

Liberty in Fashion Exhibiton Header

This year Liberty is turning the ripe old age of 140 and to celebrate the occasion the Fashion and Textile Museum are hosting an exhibition, Liberty in Fashion.  The exhibition charts Liberty’s evolution throughout the years and explores how their style became so iconic, with their distinctive textile prints and instantly recognisable floral patterns.

Liberty in fashion exhibition

Liberty in Fashion opens today and runs until 28th February, but we were lucky enough to get a sneaky preview earlier this week. The exhibition is made up of nine key sections, showcasing fashion from their humble beginnings selling imported exotic silks from the Far East, to the infamous swinging sixties in London, as well as their modern collaborations with designers such as Anna Sui, Acne and Nike to name a few.

Liberty in Fashion Exhibition

There are more than 150 garments on display from a whole host of designers, including Jean Muir, Yves Saint and Vivienne Westwood. If you find yourself in the capital, it’s definitely worth heading over and taking a look…

Liberty in fashion exhibtion

The good life

Nadinoo is definitely a firm favourite with the Cellardoor girls, and this latest offering from them is no exception!

Inspired by founder, Nadia’s recent move to the beautiful English countryside; the collection is scattered with cute apple and pear prints along with florals that we just can’t resist…




Anyone for Tennis?

It’s far too hot to be partaking in any sort of exercise now that the UK is in full heatwave mode, but that hasn’t stopped us coveting these Wimbledon white inspired pieces! We’ll see you court side, just don’t forget the strawberries and cream…

Monki White Pleated Shirt Tennis Dress

Pleated Shirt Dress, Monki

Topshop white Cord Button Front A-Line Skirt

A-Line Skirt, Topshop

Zara white Embroidered cropped top

Embroidered Crop Top, Zara

Meet… Credit Crunch Chic

For the next instalment of our Meet the Blogger… series we grilled freelance writer and blogger Amie from Credit Crunch Chic. We can’t get enough of reading all about her charity shop finds, whilst trying not to go too green with envy!
Read on to find more about the girl behind the blog…

Blogger Credit Crunch Chic

Ok, first up who is ”Credit Crunch Chic” for those that don’t already know?
Well, Credit Crunch Chic is my personal style blog. I have always been an avid charity shopper and I love vintage clothes, and scouring the sale rails for a bargain or two. I was known among my friendship group for my ability to put together outfits and looks on a shoestring budget, and because I love to write, I thought it would be fun to start my own blog to document things I’d found and how I style them!

How long have you been blogging, and what made you want start it in the first place?
I started the blog in 2009 so it’s getting on for over 6 years now! I wanted to to record all my thrifty finds and write about ways to look good on a budget. My boyfriend Adrian was very encouraging and has helped me so much with the blog set up and layout, including drawing all my social media ‘buttons’ (he’s an illustrator) and taking all my outfit photos!

Blogger Credit Crunch Chic Vintage

What inspires your blog posts?
I am inspired by lots of things, from other amazing blogs that I follow to street style, and wanting to talk about a new budget beauty product or fashion find. As my blog has progressed over the years I have drawn more inspiration from the aesthetic as well as the written word, and I strive to make the blog look interesting and exciting with copy to match!

How would you describe your style?
I have a fairly classic style which contains elements of vintage with a muted colour palette. I always say I base my style on a little old French lady; I love that ‘granny chic’ vibe and my vintage shoe collection helps add to this!

What three items can you not live without?
My wardrobe favourites change with the seasons, but I wouldn’t be without my vintage rings, (gifts from Adrian) my Chanel ballet shoes (found on eBay) and a vintage Louis Vuitton wallet (charity shopped in Devon.)

Credit Crunch Chic Blogger Vintage Chanel Shoes

What do you get up to when you’re not blogging?
Outside of blogging, I love to charity shop (of course) as well we taking Latin and Ballroom dance classes. I love to keep fit with yoga and pilates and I also like to attend gigs and see friends.

Tell us something no one else knows about you…
My guilty pleasure is watching snooker! I really enjoyed the World Championships and was so pleased Stuart Bingham won!

And lastly, to coincide with our forthcoming issue, we want to know your favourite childhood memory.
I remember getting my very own dog, a collie cross when I was about 9 and a half. I called her Sophie because I was obsessed with the film ‘The BFG’ and the little girl in the film was called Sophie.

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