Back to School

September always gives us that lovely back to school feeling. Who can forget that first day with a brand new pencil case, new shoes and new coat – with name tags firmly sewn in by mum, of course!

Even though we’ve moved on (a little), we still love to surround ourselves with some new stationery to start off the new term in style….


1. Keep all your good ideas noted down in this pretty notebook.
Marble Blank Notebook, Poketo

2. The only bag our stuff will be seen in, the essential satchel and we couldn’t resist this cute pastel hue.
Baby Blue Double Pocket Leather Backpack

3. Let everyone know it’s yours with this personalised pencil case.
Striped Pencil Case, Tillyanna

4. Who says your pens can’t look pretty? Even when writing boring notes! And these ones even come with some sweet compliments…
Sweet Talk Assorted Pen Set, Ban.Do

5. These fun sticky notes will bring no doubt bring a smile to your face…
Donut Forget Sticky Notes, Paperchase

6.  With this cute planner, there’ll be no excuses for not being organised.
17 Month Classic Agenda in Florabunda, Ban.Do

Cocktail Hour

Whilst summer has been a little fleeting of late, this weekend is set to be a scorcher. Now that the British Isles will be graced with blazing hot, sunburn-worthy sunshine, we should definitely make the most of the weather.

With a bank holiday on the horizon and the potential (or vain hope?) for more sun-drenched days ahead, here are some cocktail recipes which are full of summer flavours and ingredients. These quick and easy concoctions will upgrade even the most impromptu of garden parties, barbecues or picnics in the park.

Cucumber Gin Cocktail

The Summer Gimlet
This cocktail is a modern variation on the traditional gimlet, a mixture of equal parts lime juice and gin which is said to have been used by the Royal Navy as a way to combat scurvy. There is nothing medicinal about this reincarnation, which combines delicately fragrant elderflower with refreshing mint and cucumber. It looks oh so pretty in the glass and tastes of pure essence of summer. Though it packs a serious punch!

50 ml gin
25 ml St. Germain elderflower liqueur
15 ml lime juice
3 cucumber slices
Handful fresh mint

In a cocktail shaker, muddle two cucumber slices with the mint until nicely bruised. A pestle or small rolling pin does the job nicely. Add the gin, St Germain, lime juice and a handful of crushed ice. Shake well before pouring through a sieve into an awaiting martini glass. Garnish with the remaining slice of cucumber.

Extra Step: Infuse your gin with cucumber for a deeper flavour. Simply peel half a small cucumber (the skin can taste bitter), scoop out the seeds from the middle and cut into small cubes. Leave these to steep in 200ml of your preferred gin for as long as possible. Pre-chill the glasses for extra brownie points from cocktail connoisseurs.

pomegranate & prosecco cocktail

Pomegranate and Prosecco
Pomegranate is a delicious ingredient with a vibrant colour which looks great in cocktails. The following recipe couldn’t be simpler. Or tastier.

20 ml pomegranate juice
10 ml sugar syrup (you can buy this in most supermarkets or make your own by heating
equal parts sugar and water until fully dissolved)
125 ml Prosecco

Mix together pomegranate juice and sugar syrup in a champagne flute. Top up with ice-cold
Prosecco. Drink. Easy peasy!

Extra step: If you’re feeling fancy, first rub the rim of the glass with a wedge of lime and then dip incaster sugar.

Raspberry slushie
Boozy Raspberry and Orange Popsicle

The humble ice lolly is not simply a chunk of flavoured ice on a stick. It is that, but it also evokes childhood memories of endless summer days, paddling pools and bare feet on grass. In adulthood, arguably the best way to enjoy this nostalgic treat is to corrupt it with a little tequila.

Ingredients (makes four):
A popsicle mould
10 raspberries
30 ml water
50 ml cherry juice
20 ml tequila
20 ml Cointreau
10 ml sugar syrup
150 ml orange juice

Blend together the raspberries, water, cherry juice and tequila in a blender. Sieve into a jug (you should have around 120 ml liquid after this) and distribute evenly between four moulds. Next, mix the Cointreau, sugar syrup and orange juice in a jug and top up your moulds. Measure the alcohol carefully as too much will prevent your popsicles from freezing. Leave to freeze for at least two hours.

Extra step: If you’re a child of the nineties, you may be more interested in slushies than ice lollies. To make your own, simply pop your lolly into a martini glass, leave to melt ever so slightly and crush with a fork. A childhood favourite, reimagined.

Recipe and photography: Kate MacCarthy

Prints Charming

When it comes to sprucing up a room, you can’t beat a cute and quirky framed print. Here are some that have made it on to the Cellardoor wishlist…

Ohmyframe friends quote

Friends Quote Print, OhMyFrame

LONDON marble print ss print

Capital Cities Marble Print, SS Print Shop


Chanel Inspired Perfume Print, Sonni & Blush Paper Co.

Made by girl bonjour print

Bonjour Print, Made By Girl

NiceThings print seventy tree

Nice Things Print, Seventy Tree

The good life

Nadinoo is definitely a firm favourite with the Cellardoor girls, and this latest offering from them is no exception!

Inspired by founder, Nadia’s recent move to the beautiful English countryside; the collection is scattered with cute apple and pear prints along with florals that we just can’t resist…




Instagram Spotlight

We share another one of our favourite instagrammers, this time in the shape of Jess Powderly from @FoodfromJess. She shares some beautifully styled recipes as well as cute little foodie spots that we can’t wait to try out ourselves. Warning, it will make you hungry!

Foodfromjess instagram Long

Sweet Chilli Philli Bites

These bites are such a great alternative to crisps and dips. They’re really, really easy to make, taste amazing and get your tastebuds flowing for whatever is to come next – whether it be a barbecue or a simple salad!

Ingredients for Sweet Chilli Philli Bites

French baguette
Sweet chilli sauce

1. Slice the French baguette into thin rounds and pop under the grill and flip over after about 30 seconds
2. Once nicely golden allow them to cool.
3. Then top them with the Philadelphia – just a small coating.
4. Drizzle over the sweet chilli sauce.
5. Serve straight away or pop in the fridge until you need them!

Sweet Chilli Philli Bites

Recipe and photography by Ailie Williams 

Feline Fine

We’ve found the perfect accessory to help you complete that crazy cat lady look… perfect for any feline lover.

Baines and Fricker Mint green wallpaper Cats

The cute graphic wallpaper from husband and wife duo, Baines and Fricker, features a simple print adorned with dozens of kittys in your choice of pastel shades (our favourite is the mint green!) There’s also a range of cushions available in the same print!

Baines and Fricker Mint green cushion_situ_cats-1

Now who can spot the Siamese…

Oh and and if pooches tickle your fancy instead, you’ll be in luck too!

Baines and Fricker Mint greenwallpaper_situ_dogs-1

Instagram Spotlight

We spend a lot of time scrolling through Instagram (we like to call it work!) and we figured it was about time we shared some of favourite ‘grammers with our readers. So prepare to hit that follow button…

Our first spotlight comes from photographer Zoe Power, from Beautiful Simplicity whose pastel seaside images have us all wishing we lived closer to the beach so we could snap those beach huts too!

Zoe Power Instagram Long

Anyone for Tennis?

It’s far too hot to be partaking in any sort of exercise now that the UK is in full heatwave mode, but that hasn’t stopped us coveting these Wimbledon white inspired pieces! We’ll see you court side, just don’t forget the strawberries and cream…

Monki White Pleated Shirt Tennis Dress

Pleated Shirt Dress, Monki

Topshop white Cord Button Front A-Line Skirt

A-Line Skirt, Topshop

Zara white Embroidered cropped top

Embroidered Crop Top, Zara

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