Liberty X Uniqlo

So Liberty have done it again. The quintessentially British brand has collaborated with UNIQLO to create a unique collection, featuring the iconic prints from their archives that we LOVE. Fusing together the signature Liberty print with UNIQLO’s clean and casual designs, they’re just perfect for spring. The collection is available online from 11pm, 17th March and  in store from 18th March. We’ll see you in the queue…

Liberty uniqlo print collection

Liberty uniqlo print collection

Liberty uniqlo print collection

Liberty uniqlo print collection

Wear and where?

If you’re someone who always likes to dress to impress, whether doing a spot of shopping, heading out for a bite to eat or soaking up some culture at a gallery, then it can sometimes be a little tricky to gauge what the dress code should be. But help is at hand…

We’ve spent some time deciding what our perfect outfit for every occasion and first up is the art gallery, where you want to play it smart but comfy.APC Denim Ruffle Shirt Illustration There’s nothing worse than getting too warm when stomping around the city’s best galleries, so layering is a must. We love this comfy APC Denim shirt, perfect to throw on with a pair of jeans and a jumper.

MuaMua Instagram Bag

A cross-body bag that only has room for our essentials is a no-brainer, as you don’t want to be weighed down all day. This quirky MuaMua number is our go-to, and is totally Instagram-worthy!

Converse white trainers

And most importantly, no feet would be complete without a pair of comfy trainers. Make sure every step is taken in comfort and in style by wearing your trusty Converse.

Illustrations by Scarlett Josse

J’adore picasso


One of the must-see gems in Paris is the Musee Picasso. Located near the heart of the city, it’s an inspiring experience that takes you on a journey of Picasso’s passion. Reopened in 2014, this refurbished gallery is home to a collection of Picasso’s finest works that were donated to the French state after his death in 1973. The gallery is inside the beautiful Hotel Sale, a building that echoes architecture from the 1650’s and remains as a grand historical space. In the initial rooms of the gallery models and drawings of the refurbishment can be seen, showing the transition it underwent to become the Musee Picasso.

Over 5000 works of art are displayed and organised chronologically from when he was a teenager in Spain to his elder years in France. Rooms are also thematically displayed giving viewers the chance to engage with the cubist period, abstraction, self-portrait and the Spanish Civil war. With paintings hung next to sculptures, this offers a more interactive experience.


Aside from Picasso’s finished products, the exhibition presents sketches, notebooks and photographs giving viewers an extra insight into Picasso’s journey. His personal collection of art was also donated to the French state after his death and is exhibited in the gallery. In fact, it’s the only place that presents all of these works and documents preserving his history.

The exhibition is an inspirational insight into one of the world’s iconic artists and his view of society. The gallery itself is within a beautiful, peaceful building that spirals up several floors – the perfect place to sit and reflect about one of the worlds greatest artists.

The mussee Picasso is open from Monday-Friday and 9.30-6.00pm Saturday and Sunday and is located on 5 rue de Thorigny- 75003, Paris.

Words by Laura Dunham 

Oh My Clumsy Heart

Ohmyclumsyheart1Sophie Davies, founder of jewellery brand Oh My Clumsy Heart, has always gone against the grain. Self-taught, she began making her own brooches and costume jewellery as a hobby before realising she had a sustainable business on her hands.

Finding Etsy problematic and political, she left to start her own website with a blog on the side, The Private Life of a Girl, where she regularly gives creative advice and business tips.

After perfecting her jewellery designs and switching to sterling silver and gold (ethically resourced, of course), what’s left are minimal but classic designs.

Oh My clumsy Heart Jewellery

From simple hoops to pewter crabs, Oh My Clumsy Heart couldn’t be more versatile. Sophie set out to create a brand that would surpass seasonal trends and throwaway fashions, and she’s certainly done that.

Words: Lauren Aitchison

Vogue 100: A Century of Style

If you find yourself at a loose end this weekend (and you don’t want to get caught in the forecasted cold, wind and rain) then you should try and make your way over to the National Portrait Gallery to see the Vogue 100: A Century of Style exhibition, which opens today.

Vogue was founded in 2016 and has been at the cutting edge of fashion ever since, with some of the world’s most famous faces gracing the cover, making it the world’s most influential fashion magazine.

The National Portrait Gallery have worked with Condé Nast to put together a display of 280 prints from the archives, featuring portraits by some of our favourite photographers, including Patrick DeMarchelier, Clifford Coffin and George Hoyningen-Huene.

We were lucky enough to get an exclusive sneak peek of the Vogue shop last week, where we were treated to our own personalised Vogue biscuits from The Biscuiteers, as well as first dibs on exclusive Vogue prints, accessories and specially commissioned designs from Karen Mabon, Anna Pugh and Andrea Garland.


If you can’t make it over this weekend, don’t worry, the exhibition runs until 22nd May. Though don’t leave it too long, it’s a must-see!

Cellardoor Sounds

Daughter Band Press Group Lineup

Daughter, the London-based indie trio made up of lead singer Elena Tonra, guitarist Igor Haefeli, and drummer Remi Aguilella, released their highly anticipated album Not to Disappear last week.

Singer/songwriter Elena paints a wistful and sad picture for every Daughter fan, though  unlike the trio’s previous work, the endless sorrow doesn’t last the entire album. Instead, the fragile, gentle sound grows into aggression.

Our favourites include ‘No Care’, ‘Alone/With You’ and the final track ‘Made of Stone’, which perfectly summarises the emotional journey they’ve taken us on from their first album, If You Leave, to now.

Not to Disappear packs more of a punch with its synth-melodies and pounding drums.  The emotions sung are raw, unedited and genuine. They’re not trying to sell us on sadness, but rather they’re inviting us into the heart and mind of a truly sad soul in search of something more. Not to Disappear makes us want to stick around to see which emotional journey Daughter will take us on next.

Words by Emily Palmer

Love your mind

If you want a New Year’s resolution that you can actually keep, why not make a pledge to look after your mind? Our lives are getting busier by the second and it’s now more important to schedule an appointment with yourself so you can unwind and switch off. The perfect way is to learn how to meditate.

Mindfullness Meditation

            Meditation began thousands of years ago in Asia. It became popular in western countries in the mid 20th Century and is thought to be one of the most powerful techniques to train your mind. Buddha is a renowned figure associated with meditation, in fact, the word means ‘the enlightened one.’

Meditation increases mindfulness and attention to the present moment, minimising the time that we’re distracted by worries and stress. Sounds easy enough but it’s more complex than sitting in a room being quiet. Meditation is a skill that takes time to learn and once you’ve mastered it, you’ll reap the benefits.

It’s not just a technique to improve mindfulness, meditation is also a healing therapy. GPs recommend it as a treatment for patients with mental health problems and it can have positive effects on patients that suffer from anxiety, depression and chronic pain. It also improves the positive state of mind and immune system of non-clinical patients.

            The best way to start your journey is to meditate for as little as five minutes a day. Meditation can be done at any time, though some experts recommend first thing in the morning to give that initial boost to the day.

To begin sit in a quiet room in a chair or on the floor with no distractions; switch off your phone, light a candle and close your eyes noticing the sounds around you; become aware of your body and focus on your breathing, counting your inhale and exhale. Creating a personal mantra and a positive affirmation is also a good way to remain focused. You can gradually up the time that you spend meditating and even try increasing to two sessions a day.

For beginners who are unsure about where to start, apps such as Headspace are useful as a guided meditation. The app includes podcasts and videos about the science behind mindfulness and meditation, as well as a variety of online resources to help guide you.

           So give your mind some TLC this year and bring meditation into your daily routine. It might just transform your life but if you don’t try it, you will never know what it feels like to be enlightened.

 Words by Laura Dunham

Instagram Spotlight

It’s time to share another one of our favourite Instagrammers and this week it’s collage artist, illustrator, pattern maker & blogger Lauren Redburn, otherwise known as @Carboardcities.

Lauren’s feed is full of colourful, interesting shots and she often finds the most beautiful patterns and shapes in everyday objects and places that we’d usually just walk straight past. She helps us to see that art is everywhere! Check out her feed for some inspiration…

Cardboard Cities instagram feed

Homemade Mulled Wine

Homemade Mulled Wine

From mince pies to mulled wine, the festive season wouldn’t be complete without some traditional treats. One of the best things about the Christmas period is enjoying a steamy cup full of mulled wine that’s both warming and spicy. There’s something special about this beverage and it cooks up an image of cosy firesides and twinkling fairy lights; it’s a celebration of everything festive.

The term ‘mulled’ means to be heated and spiced and its origins can be traced to the Roman Empire where it was regarded as medicinal with healing properties. The Romans heated quality wine with herbs and spices to create an aromatic potion and named it the Hippocras. Later it featured in Charles Dickens’ work of A Christmas Carol where there is reference to a cup of Smoking Bishop, which is believed to be made using port. Now the festive tipple is an international tradition and the recipe is adapted across different parts of Europe with additional spices.

Mulled wine doesn’t just have to be made using wine, non-alcoholic versions can be brewed. Below is a recipe that will be sure to warm your cockles and ignite your senses; it’s rich in spices and free from alcoholic ingredients. Merry Christmas!

You will need:
2 litres of grape juice
2 cups of water
1 cup of sugar
2 dozen cloves
4 cinnamon sticks
1 orange zest
1 lemon zest
3 squeezed lemons

Step 1: First heat the water and add sugar, cloves, cinnamon and lemon zest.

Step 2: Boil for five minutes. Once the ingredients have boiled, simmer for a further five minutes.

Step 3: Now strain the liquid, add the lemon juice and continue to heat.

Step 4: Finally, add the grape juice and keep it on a low heat for another five minutes.

Step 5: Once it’s as warm as you like, serve into cups and enjoy.

Recipe by Laura Dunham

Cellardoor Sounds

Let us introduce you to a fresh five-piece band from London, Pocket Dragon. They exude creativity, let loose and, well, have fun. The band’s sounds are achieved through colourful, smooth mixes which echo summer vibes, so if you’re after some musical warmth this winter, look no further – Pocket Dragon will have you grooving to every rhythm.

We caught up with the drummer of the band to find out more about the idea behind the project…

Pocket Dragon Band

Who are Pocket Dragon?
There are five of us in the band – there’s me, Callum Green on the drums, Philip van den Brandeler on bass, Mikayl Dawood on guitar, Emma Barney on vocals and Manley O’Connor playing keys.

What’s the idea behind what you’re doing?
Pocket Dragon is all about creating a space and time for everyone to let their hair down. We all work as musicians and spend a lot of time playing music that isn’t particularly to everybody’s tastes but just pays the bills – this project is about re-capturing why we all started music in the first place, to create and challenge ourselves with musical freedom.

How do you write your music?
We mainly write as a small rhythm section at Pocket Dragon HQ, mapping out certain chords and the bare bones of a groove. Usually it starts out as a jam that either one of us can’t stop noodling with, which in time we build on.

How do you record your tunes?
After the structure is born, everyone in the band lays down their take one by one starting with drums then bass and we capture it all with GoPros. This project is really about each musician’s personality in the band and what they can bring individually to each track. We all have a lot of say in the parts, which makes the process a lot more fun and exciting for everyone involved.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
Everything. The first track on our EP ‘Pocket Morse,’ started when we wondered what the words Pocket Dragon sounded like in Morse code. Silly stuff really. Musically though, we watch a lot of live jazz music, the more experimental the better. Phil and I just saw Esperanza Spalding’s new project a few weeks ago which was mind blowing.

How would you describe Pocket Dragon to people who’ve never heard you before?
We are creating soulful jazz/funk fusion with a few synths thrown in. Just have a listen – if you like it you like it, if you don’t you don’t, but you won’t know until you try it.

What are your plans for Pocket Dragon? What’s next?
Our first EP will be coming out early next year and we have many more gigs in the pipeline. We have a few sofa sessions to do around the same time. Right now we’re recording new material, so lots more videos to come and an album to follow.

How can people find Pocket Dragon?
Head to YouTube to listen to more tracks, also check out our Instagram and visit the Facebook page to be among the first to get new tracks, videos and news of the upcoming EP and gigs.

Words by Laura Dunham

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