J’adore picasso


One of the must-see gems in Paris is the Musee Picasso. Located near the heart of the city, it’s an inspiring experience that takes you on a journey of Picasso’s passion. Reopened in 2014, this refurbished gallery is home to a collection of Picasso’s finest works that were donated to the French state after his death in 1973. The gallery is inside the beautiful Hotel Sale, a building that echoes architecture from the 1650’s and remains as a grand historical space. In the initial rooms of the gallery models and drawings of the refurbishment can be seen, showing the transition it underwent to become the Musee Picasso.

Over 5000 works of art are displayed and organised chronologically from when he was a teenager in Spain to his elder years in France. Rooms are also thematically displayed giving viewers the chance to engage with the cubist period, abstraction, self-portrait and the Spanish Civil war. With paintings hung next to sculptures, this offers a more interactive experience.


Aside from Picasso’s finished products, the exhibition presents sketches, notebooks and photographs giving viewers an extra insight into Picasso’s journey. His personal collection of art was also donated to the French state after his death and is exhibited in the gallery. In fact, it’s the only place that presents all of these works and documents preserving his history.

The exhibition is an inspirational insight into one of the world’s iconic artists and his view of society. The gallery itself is within a beautiful, peaceful building that spirals up several floors – the perfect place to sit and reflect about one of the worlds greatest artists.

The mussee Picasso is open from 11.30am-6.pm Monday-Friday and 9.30-6.00pm Saturday and Sunday and is located on 5 rue de Thorigny- 75003, Paris.

Words by Laura Dunham 

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