Oh My Clumsy Heart

Ohmyclumsyheart1Sophie Davies, founder of jewellery brand Oh My Clumsy Heart, has always gone against the grain. Self-taught, she began making her own brooches and costume jewellery as a hobby before realising she had a sustainable business on her hands.

Finding Etsy problematic and political, she left to start her own website with a blog on the side, The Private Life of a Girl, where she regularly gives creative advice and business tips.

After perfecting her jewellery designs and switching to sterling silver and gold (ethically resourced, of course), what’s left are minimal but classic designs.

Oh My clumsy Heart Jewellery

From simple hoops to pewter crabs, Oh My Clumsy Heart couldn’t be more versatile. Sophie set out to create a brand that would surpass seasonal trends and throwaway fashions, and she’s certainly done that.

Words: Lauren Aitchison

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