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Daughter Band Press Group Lineup

Daughter, the London-based indie trio made up of lead singer Elena Tonra, guitarist Igor Haefeli, and drummer Remi Aguilella, released their highly anticipated album Not to Disappear last week.

Singer/songwriter Elena paints a wistful and sad picture for every Daughter fan, though  unlike the trio’s previous work, the endless sorrow doesn’t last the entire album. Instead, the fragile, gentle sound grows into aggression.

Our favourites include ‘No Care’, ‘Alone/With You’ and the final track ‘Made of Stone’, which perfectly summarises the emotional journey they’ve taken us on from their first album, If You Leave, to now.

Not to Disappear packs more of a punch with its synth-melodies and pounding drums.  The emotions sung are raw, unedited and genuine. They’re not trying to sell us on sadness, but rather they’re inviting us into the heart and mind of a truly sad soul in search of something more. Not to Disappear makes us want to stick around to see which emotional journey Daughter will take us on next.

Words by Emily Palmer

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