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How to host a Brazilian style World Cup Party

Seeing as England didn’t get as far as any of us may have hoped in this year’s tournament, if you’re hosting a World Cup party it’s probably a much better idea to celebrate the hosting country instead (especially as they’re favourites to win!). After all, Brazil has amazing culture AND you can hang on to the decorations for your Olympics 2016 party!

If singing the Brazilian National Anthem is the unthinkable (you may have to start learning Portuguese on Duolingo first), there are countless Spotify playlists and compilations dedicated to all the sweet sounds coming from Brazil. With numerous artists having contributed to Brazil’s idiosyncratic music scene, it only takes a quick search for Gilberto Gil, Seu Jorge or João Gilberto to create an authentic Bossa Nova party.

 Once the music is sorted you can concentrate on how to cater the perfect Brazilian themed party. Forget all the silly gimmicks which brands are tempting you with as they adorn their products with the colours of the Brazilian flag. Instead, discover the delicious variety of snacks that traditionally feature at Brazilian get-togethers. Pastéis filled with cheese or meat are little pastries (think empanadas) which make ideal appetisers, or Coxinhas, deep fried chicken filled snacks which even Nigella has a recipe for, are a great alternative for savoury bites.

As for sweet treats, there are countless desserts that can be served, such as Brigadeiros and Pudim. Brigadeiros are small chocolate balls covered in chocolate sprinkles and Pudim is a Brazilian-style flan covered in caramel sauce.

Once you’ve had enough food, why not try some cocktails including Caiprinihas, Brazil’s national cocktail made with cachaça? Infamous for its strength, if you’d prefer to avoid a hangover the next day, a Caipiroska is made with vodka instead.  We love this cantaloupe and mint version…

So go on, make some Caiprinihas and be prepared to scream ‘Gooooooooooooooooal’ every time someone scores. 
By Victoria Rodrigues O’Donnell
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Christmas Nibbles

Tis the season for entertaining, but time can be a little hard to come by at this time of year. If you’re expecting guests, or throwing a Christmas party we’ve got some simple but stylish recipes to really impress your guests. All of these nibbles can be made in under an hour from things you’ve got in the store cupboard so get baking and be prepared for your guests to be impressed!

Goat’s Cheese and Red Onion Palmiers 
These look really impressive but are so easy to make – we won’t tell if you don’t!
250g puff pastry 
100g goats cheese 
3-4tbsp red onion chutney
Makes 20 
Preheat the oven to 180°C. Roll your pastry out into a large rectangle about ½ cm thick. Sprinkle over the goats cheese and then the red onion chutney. Starting at one side, tightly roll into the middle, then brush the rolled edge with a little milk. Do the same with the opposite side, rolling into the middle then pressing the two sides together – the milk will help them stick. Cut into 20 even slices, place on a lined baking tray and bake for 15-20 minutes, or until the palmiers are fully risen and a lovely golden colour. Leave to cool on the tray, then serve. 
 Sausage and Stuffing Rolls 
Everyone’s favourite party food has been given a new twist for the festive season 
250g shortcrust pastry 
200g pork sausagemeat 
 1 box stuffing mix, made to the instructions – we went for sage and onion, but choose whichever flavour you prefer 
1 egg, beaten
Preheat the oven to 180°C. Roll you pastry out into a large rectangle, about ½ cm thick. Place a line of sausagemeat down the middle of the pastry, then top with a layer of stuffing. Tightly roll the pastry around the sauagemeat and stuffing and brush the ends with beaten egg to secure. Cut into 10 equal slices and place fold down on a lined baking tray. Brush the top of each sausage roll with a little more beaten egg and cook for 20-15 minutes, until the pastry is golden and sauagemeat cooked through. Serve whilst still warm. 
 Baked Pitta Chips 
The latest snack craze is so easy to make at home – you’ll never want to buy them again! Perfect when loaded with a scoop of your favourite dip 
4 pitta breads 
1tbsp olive oil 
Salt and pepper, to season 
Preheat oven to 180°C. Cut each pitta bread into 8 pieces, then hold horizontally and carefully slice each piece in half again, until you’ve got a pile of thin pitta pieces. Mix together the olive oil and salt and pepper to flavour the chips – you really can go nuts here and use whatever flavours you fancy, paprika and cayenne pepper would be good to give the chips a kick, or try using some oregano and thyme for a herby flavour. Brush the pitta pieces with the oil and seasoning mixture and place on a baking tray. Bake for 10-12 minutes, or until the chips are light and crispy. Leave to cool and serve with a selection of hummus and dips.
By Millie Norton

Something for the Weekend…

Roll up, roll up! Fancy injecting some circus themed fun into your weekend, of course you do! Well you’re in luck, as this Saturday The Ric Rac Club is holding it’s very own forties themed circus party!
Located at their new home at the Blacksmith and the Toffeemaker, you can expect DJ sets, cocktails and a performance from acclaimed contortion artist, Stefanie Valentine – it’s the perfect way to spend your weekend!

Pre sale tickets are £6 (plus booking fee) and are available from here… sequins, feathers and showgirl encouraged! 

Avocado Four Way

Here’s Cellardoor’s first spring-summer recipe of the year, our avocado four-way! Great for a party starter or to accompany a jacket or yummy snack! We’ve chosen four of our favourite combinations but you can put anything you like in your avocado. Go ahead and try it out for yourself… 
Serves 4 
2x avocado (cut in half, stone removed) 
Spoonful of cottage cheese
100g prawns (roughly) 
Tbsp sesame seed oil
1/2 juice lime 
Sprinkling of paprika 
Tbsp sesame seeds 
1 slice of melon
1 egg (boiled and chopped)
Spoonful of mayonnaise 
Cherry tomatoes

- Mix prawns, paprika, sesame seed oil and sesame seeds and lime juice together (for best flavour leave to marinate for 30 minutes)
- Scoop out any excess avocado once the stone has been removed (this depends on how much filling you want in your avocado) 
- Then we chose our four favourite four combinations: egg and mayonnaise mixed together, prawn mix and egg, prawn mix and chopped melon, and prawn mix, cottage cheese, egg and tomato
- Put the four different fillings in to the four avocado nests
- Serve on its own or with salad or whatever takes your fancy!
By Melodie Walter

Vintage Halloween

Are you struggling for ideas for your halloween fancy dress party? We felt inspired (if not a little creeped out!) by these spooky vintage snaps of some great costumes. Just check out that egg outfit… not sure it’s convenient for sipping our witches brew though!
Let us know what you’re going as – we’d love to see your own snaps!

Crown Jewels

Here at Cellardoor we couldn’t let such a historic event pass by us without having our own Jubilee celebrations in honour of Her Royal Majesty’s 60-year reign. We enjoyed lots of champagne, cakes and of course strawberries and cream! Take a look at what we made and be inspired for your future garden parties and summer revelry.


Serves 2

400g strawberries
75g strawberry jelly
500ml pink champagne
140ml double cream
56g ground almond
½ tsp rose water
1 heaped tbsp golden syrup
1 tsp almond essence
A few almond flakes
150g blueberries

For the crown:
Puff pastry
Coloured icing (icing sugar, water and food colouring mixed together)
Edible gold dust


- Heat oven to 200C
- Roll pastry and cut out into the shape of a crown, put it into a ramekin with pre-greased baking paper inside and lay with rice and bake in the oven until golden (check regularly so it does not burn)
- Once cool, decorate with coloured icing and brush on lots of edible gold dust
- Make the jelly (follow packet instructions) but add to the mixture 500ml pink champagne and 350g strawberries cut in half into a bowl to set – leave in the fridge overnight or for 6-8 hours
- For the almond cream: whisk together 1 tsp almond essence and double cream until it becomes stiff, put quarter of the cream in a bowl; fold into the mixture the ground almonds, golden syrup and rose water and put into the fridge to set
- To layer the pudding, put the strawberry champagne jelly into a small glass, layer with blueberries and then carefully layer the almond cream on top
- Sprinkle on the toasted flaked almonds
- Put the whipped cream with almond essence set aside the night before, into a piping bag and carefully make a circular shape on top of the pudding, using the crown’s circumference as a guide, and place the crown gently on the cream circle
- Use any remaining fruit to freeze into ice-cubes and serve in a glass with our Strawberry Boozer: Gin, tonic, strawberry syrup (like our raspberry syrup we made last week!) and a scoop of vanilla ice-cream, if you’re feeling brave.

Have a royal time – whatever occasion you are celebrating.
By Melodie Walter

Lip Service

Remember we talked about the gorgeous FrostFrench and Lipton’s pop-up tea boutique in Islington? Well, a few days ago we at Cellardoor were lucky enough to be invited to the designers’ ‘Drink Gorgeous Campaign’ press night; the launch of their delicate, LIpton infusions inspired glassware.

Upon entering the teeny tiny FrostFrench Soho store, we were greeted not only by tea lovers and fashionistas but by a completely inspired Alice In Wonderland décor. The window mannequins donned bizarre but intriguing rabbit heads and oversized playing cards hung magically from the ceiling in what was bound to be an interesting evening. The most endearing thing, however, were photographs of the ladies themselves overlapping across the shop walls, along with other inspirational images. (We cooed over the bunny in a tea cup)

Guests chatted and gushed over the loveliness of this new range whilst everything from 70’s funk to the Rolling Stones blared from the DJ booth. Waitresses bustled through the packed venue with crust-less salmon sarnies and delicious ice tea cocktails (all of which we sampled!) and we were able to chat, drink and be merry whilst browsing Frostfrench’s clothes rails.

And finally, the ladies themselves arrived. Life long friends come fashion designers Sadie Frost and Jemima French made a short but sweet speech about the inspiration behind the idea (“we really are combining fashion with tea!”) before posing with their new range for the cameras.

The range sees seven pretty glass tea cups, each with a life-like lip stain print adorning the rim. Each colour represents a different fruity flavour in the Lipton Infusions range and is bound to tickle your taste buds! What girl wouldn’t want to ‘drink gorgeous’?!

By Scarlett Philps