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Valentine Tarts

Valentine’s Day is pending and there is no doubt that there is no better opportunity to use a bit of creativity and show your love for someone special! For those who like the cute, crafty and sweet things, try making your special someone peanut butter chocolate spread Valentine tarts. Decorated with heart-like strawberries on some pretty paper will make a very pretty edible gift!

225g Butter crust pastry mix
Jar chocolate spread (can be any but we recommend Nutella)
Jar peanut butter
Strawberries (cut in half)
Edible gold spray
-       Heat oven 180C
-       Make the pastry as the packet manufacturer instructs
-       Then sprinkle the surface with flour and roll out the pastry so that it is quite thinly but not too thin!
-       Use heart pastry cutter to cut out the tarts then use your thumb and make a deeper imprint as deep as you would a jam tart and fill each case with baking paper and rice to hold in place
-       Put in the oven for 20mins
-       Spread the base thickly with peanut butter then layer on top the yummy chocolate spread
-       Bake extra 10mins or until crust is golden
-       Take out the oven and allow to cool
-       Spray gold and serve with cut strawberries and cream

By Melodie Walter

Sweet Valentine’s Treats

What is it about food in the shape of a heart that makes it just look so much more appealing? Who knows but it really does!

Whether you’re spending a romantic Valentine’s Day with your beloved or are flying solo this year, we hope you find some time to whip up some delicious V Day treats like these.

Prop styling and photography Hannah Irish 
Food styling Alexandra Burleigh

Bee My Valentine

So it’s finally here, the day that sends singletons into depression and turns couples into lovesick puppies. The cellardoor girls will be spending a lovely un-romantic evening together and wishing that we’d received one of these lovely cards from Ella. View more of her designs here and she’s even got 10% on all her products. 

Let them Eat Cake

The decorations have already been up for several weeks now and everywhere you look, you’re being reminded that this so-called special day is under way. Yes, Valentine’s day is almost here! Whether you’re in a couple (you lucky love birds) or single and wondering what in the world to do for an original date, we dare you to be unoriginal: treat yourself and your beloved to the most delicious chocolate cake ever conceived. After all those years, Betty Crocker’s still our number one choice for a home-made dessert wonder!

Here’s what you’ll need:

One Betty Crocker Super Moist Devil’s Food Chocolate Mix
75 ml of vegetable oil
200 ml of water
3 medium-sized eggs
One Betty Crocker Rich & Creamy Chocolate Frosting 


- Make cake mix as directed on box, using the water, oil and eggs. Then pour into your cake dish. And you’re done! Be sure to pre-heat the oven to 180 Degrees Celsius, bake for about 35 minutes, let it cool down and cover it with the yummiest icing ever.

 We’re telling you, pair this heavenly dish with a glass of milk and a Love Actually-esque DVD – your Valentine date is set!

By Tania Al-Farouki