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If you’re a fan of songs that tell a story of hopeless romance then Iron & Wine’s latest album Ghost on Ghost is the one that you should be listening to this week!

Samuel Beam is an American songwriter who performs as Iron & Wine. He’s usually an acoustic soloist but for this record Ghost on Ghost he ditched his home-based studio in Texas, that has been used to record previous albums, for a Brooklyn studio.
Beam’s a self-taught guitarist and influenced by jazz, hence he’s been enjoying trying out some new tricks for this record.
This time he’s had a whole entourage of musicians to add new layers to his musical production: jazz rhythm, funk beats and harmonies akin to that of Lennon and McCartney. Impressively he completed the recording in just two weeks.
It certainly is different from his older whispery stuff but we think that with his voice and new grooves this album radiates warmth amidst despondent love songs. Watch on…

See Iron & Wine play live in London on May 28 at the Barbican Hall in London. Click here for Tickets.

By Melodie Walter

What we’re listening to…

You’ve seen the snow drifting past your window and you’ve felt the chilly Atlantic breeze but now it’s time for some soothing down tempo music (or in technical musical genre terms jazz trip hop).

Bonobo aka Simon Green is the mature and experienced man behind the calmingly beautiful music that Bonobo is. A producer, musician and DJ this man is responsible for most of the instrumentation that goes in to making his music. Bonobo in fact prefers live instrumentation over sample based production and is quite clearly a master when it comes to orchestrating layers and atmosphere in to his sound. With his years’ worth of industry experience circa 1999 he’s made four of his own distinctive and successful albums since then – most recently Black Sands in 2010) – and produced Andreya Triana’s album Lost Where I Belong in the same year. Now Bonobo’s back with a fifth album The North Borders which will be out next month.
Here’s the official video to his first single of the new album Cirrus. Retro vogue images mechanically flick in sync with clockwork structures simultaneously with the music. Who couldn’t love this?

You can order the album on iTunes and catch Bonobo playing live at Rock City in Nottingham on May 20.

By Melodie Walter