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Apple Butter Hand Pies

These intensely buttery and flaky hand pies are like a posh man’s McDonalds apple pie. If you read the recipe ahead and bake them over two days though, they can be enjoyed by anyone. And they darn well should be, because nobody should be subjected to applesauce that tastes like wall glue.

Apple Butter 
14-16 Braeburn or Pink Lady apples, peeled, cored & sliced into chunks 
1 cup (275ml) apple juice 
2 tbsp brandy 
1 cinnamon stick 
1 tsp ground ginger 
½ tsp ground nutmeg 
¼ tsp ground cloves 
1 cup (220g) caster sugar 
2 tbsp lemon juice  
Pie Dough 
2 ½ cups (290g) plain flour 
1 tsp salt 
1 tsp sugar 
1 cup (230g) cold, cubed butter 
¼ / ½ cup (around 100ml) cup cold water plus extra for brushing  
½ cup (110g) sugar 
1 tsp cinnamon   
Notes: as the apples are cooked down, it doesn’t matter which apples you choose for this recipe, just go for the ones that you believe have the best flavour.


Day One  
Put the flour, sugar, salt and cubed butter in a food processor and pulse until breadcrumbs form. Before it forms a ball, slowly add the water – add a little extra if it feels dry, pulse until dough forms. Pat the dough into a ball, wrap in cling film and refrigerate for 30 minutes, preferably overnight.    

Make the filling. Combine all ingredients in a large heavy bottomed saucepan. Cook over medium heat and stir every so often. The apples will start to break down and will eventually reach a saucy consistency. Cook for 45 minutes and mash up unbroken pieces of apple. Reduce heat to medium-low and continue to cook for 2 hours until the sauce is much darker, thicker and half the amount. Transfer to a jar and let cool to room temperature and then refrigerate, will last there for 1 month or up to 6 months in the freezer.   

Day Two  
On a lightly floured surface, roll the dough out a ¼ inch thick. Take a 4/5 inch cookie cutter and cut out as many rounds as you can, you should have about 16. Place the rounds on a baking tray, cover and refrigerate for 30 minutes. Spoon 1 ½ teaspoons of apple butter in the centre of half the rounds, making sure to leave a 1/2 inch gap between the edges of the pastry. Brush water around the edges of rounds and place another round on top. Gently seal the dough with your fingers and create a cross in the centre using a knife. Repeat with the rest of the rounds. Place back on baking sheet, cover and and refrigerate for 30 minutes.   

Preheat the oven to 180 C. Combine cinnamon and sugar in a small bowl. Brush pies with water and then sprinkle with cinnamon before baking. Bake for 22 minutes until lightly browned. Let cool or eat warm, lasts for 3 months in the freezer or 4 days at room temperature.

Recipe and photography bu Emine Hassan

Cheats Pizza

You all know we’re huge fans of delicious things made easy, and who doesn’t like pizza? So we thought we’d mash up the two. You see with ‘normal’ pizza you have to faff about with yeast; letting that dough rise for a good hour or more. But with these? You can make these babies in half an hour from scratch. 

Let us introduce you to the wonders of flatbread. Flatbread is the easiest thing ever. You just take flour, baking powder (to give a little lift), water and natural yoghurt to make em really soft. Mix and toast in a pan! Top them with your favourite pizza toppings, whack them into the oven, and bam! PIZZA! Easy huh?


350G Flour
1 ½ Tspn Baking Powder
350G Yoghurt
Splash of water
Toppings (we used Aioli,  cherry tomatoes, onions, baby peppers, baby spinach and camembert Cheese)
Mix together the flour, baking powder, yoghurt and water to form a dough.

Lightly knead and place in a oiled bowl.

Set aside for 15 minutes while you prepare the toppings.
Cut the dough into six and roll out very thinly (the thinner the better)

Place in a heated skillet, once the bottom is golden transfer onto a oven tray.

Add toppings and grill into golden.
Remove and top with rocket or baby spinach. YUM.
Words and Photography by Britney Hazeldine

Corn Fritters with Tomato Salsa

In our current issue, we asked Anne from Anne’s Kitchen to share some of her favourite spring recipes from her current book with us and she had our mouth watering with these yummy corn fritters!
“I like preparing mine with ricotta, which makes them really light and fluffy. This is also great as a light lunch, in which case I’d serve a few rashers of crispy bacon on the side,” says Anne. 
Makes 8 fritters for 4 people 
• Prep 20mins • Cooking 10mins • Easy
For the salsa:
400g cherry tomatoes
a squeeze of lemon juice

2 tbsp olive oil
a handful basil, chopped

salt and pepper
For the fritters:
3 eggs

250g ricotta

100g flour

30g melted butter
2 spring onions, chopped

1 small can sweetcorn (140g drained)
1⁄4 tsp chili flakes
1 tsp salt

a handful basil, chopped

sunflower oil for frying

- Start by making the salsa: wash the cherry tomatoes, cut into quarters, add the lemon juice, olive oil, basil and season with salt and pepper.
- For the batter: Separate the egg yolks from the whites.
 Beat the egg whites until stiff. Put the egg yolks into a big bowl, add the ricotta, flour, butter and mix.
- Trim the spring onions and cut into fine slices. Add the spring onions, sweetcorn, chili, salt and basil to the ricotta batter and mix. Then fold in the egg whites with a spoon.
- Heat a tablespoon of oil in a large frying pan. Once it’s hot, make four fritters by dropping four times two tablespoons of the batter into the pan, frying them for 2-3 minutes on each side. Repeat with the remaining batter.
- Serve the fritters with the tomato salsa.
Want to know what other spring recipes made the cut? Find out in our current issue

Budget Beauty

Lip scrubs are an effective way to treat your pout to some TLC and put that extra coconut oil from the last Budget Beauty post to good use. Giving your lips a gentle scrub every now and again not only sheds the unwanted dead skin, but also smooths out the canvas for lipstick application. So, if you’re a bold lip lover – listen up!

What you’ll need
1tbsp White or Brown Sugar 
1tbsp Honey 
1 Heaped tbsp Coconut Oil
1. Mix the honey and coconut oil together in a bowl. Binding them together creates the perfect conditioner to protect and soften your lips, locking in the moisture as the sugar exfoliates the layers of your lips. 
2. Fold the sugar into the mixture, being careful not to whisk as the consistency will become too runny. We chose to use white sugar for our home made lip scrub, as it’s not a coarse as brown sugar ad we already had it stocked in our pantry! After all, this is budget beauty. 
3. At this point, it’s optional to add in any essential oils or extras that you might want. We chose not too as the coconut oil itself tastes delicious! But, we suggest a couple of drops of peppermint oil works a treat to freshen your lips and breath at the same time. 
4. Gently work into your lips and remove with a damp cloth. Feel the softness! We were amazed with the results, the sugar wasn’t drying on the lips at all as the coconut oil acted almost like a lip balm and coated the skin with moisture. 
5. At this point, you can leave your lips bare, or apply your favourite bold lippy! 
 So there you have it, a Budget Beauty way to achieving an enviable pout! #selfie
Words and photography Emily Smith

Perfect Pancakes

Happy Pancake day to all our readers and followers. We’d thought we’d share our simple pancake recipe with you. We love ours simply with a little lemon and a sprinkle of sugar… how do you eat yours?

110g plain flour 
Pinch of salt 
2 eggs 
½ pint of milk (can use half water and half milk) 
Selection of your favourite toppings
- Sieve the flour and salt into a bowl; add the egg 
- Add ¼ of the milk and stir carefully with a wooden spoon, beat the mixture until it is smooth and then let it stand for 15mins 
- Slowly add and beat together the rest of the milk and then use an egg whisk to get air into the mixture – Into a small pan add a dessert spoon of oil and heat until you can see steam rising faintly, pour the mixture on to the pan so that it covers the whole area in a thin layer 
- Cook for 2mins each side 
- And then sprinkle with your favourite toppings. 


New Year is all about resolutions but these often involve giving something up or creating a strict routine that is difficult to keep momentum. It’s far more effective to make plans and set goals that are ambitious but achievable to start off the year on a positive note and prevent hitting February on a downhill slump. At risk of sounding cheesy, it’s better to invest time and energy into doing something enhancing like a new interest, gaining a new skill or simply decide to smile more than to attempt a strict military training regime, no-alcohol and raw diet (unless you’re Gwyneth Paltrow) that is.
You don’t have to throw money at the situation either. An expensive juicer or gym membership won’t get you out of bed at 6am or off the sofa on a rainy Sunday afternoon but the thought of having an apple at hand to enjoy on an early commute or the prospect of a long walk exploring a new park are far more likely to put a smile on your face. Make your 2014 resolution to be happy and start doing the stuff that gets you there. That’s it! Here are some ideas to get you started…

GET ON YOUR BIKE because it’s fun, good for you and surprisingly social. With cycling growing in popularity there are a number of bike clubs across the UK. The Radiant Ridersare affiliated with The Shoreditch Sisters WI. There are also a lot of cycle cafes popping up – our favourite is Look Mum No Hands. Cycling and coffee and cake are THE winning combo for 2014. Trust us.

GET CRAFTY AND SOCIAL as there are a range of craft groups to meet new people and share skills. If you fancy taking up knitting try I Knit (who also meet for a monthly roast). It’s also worth checking out your local library. Drink, Shop Do is a great cafe bar where you can learn anything from the Thriller dance routine and clay modelling to vintage hair and make-up. It’s an absolute treasure trove of things to do!
GET SOME CULINARY KNOW HOW at a cookery class. Grub Clubs Skinny Bitch cookery class will take place next Thursday (16th) where ‘YES’ chef Tessa will show you how to cook a healthy feast that you also get to mingle over later.

GET INTO A GOOD BOOK or two, or three… There are plenty of book clubs to join to help spur you on and if you don’t find one near you then you can use online forums such as Goodreads  and The Guardian host a monthly book club. The Carnaby Book Exchange is a fantastic project set up by students from The London College of Fashion. Here you can peruse a range of books which you can take for free in exchange for a book left behind for somebody else to enjoy.  Whether you swap amongst a group of friends or organise a location to reach the wider public, it’s always a great plan to pass on a good book and keep the pages turning.
GET INTO LEARNING NEW STUFF at one of the UK’s many museums and galleries. Many city museums have regular late nights. The Science Museum Lates includes some great talks, a quiz and a silent disco, plus you get to play on all the exhibits once the kids have gone home.  If you find that something really sparks your interest then why not look into attending a course like The Art and Archaeology in the Mediterranean World  course starting on 15th January at Manchester museum or attend a lecture on Japanese culture at The Japanese Society. There are plenty of lectures online too, like the TED ones on Netflix or on Vimeo. Whether its astronomy, brewing, minerals, shoe design, architecture or philosophy; there’s something to explore out there. You’ll never be short of conversation!
GET OUT OF THE GYM and try something new like getting those torsos toned at a Hula Group, get anywhere anyhow by freerunning, learn to ride a  stallion or you could even try mexican wrestling.

GET A NEW WARDROBE for free. In a world full of an increasing amount of stuff, swapping is a great way to minimise waste and excess. We all have clothes we haven’t worn for ages and the new year is a great time for a clear out, so why not swap with friends or strangers? There are loads of swap events happening in town halls, pubs and various other locations across the country. The Grafton in London has a regular clothing exchange or you could organise your own swap with friends. It’s a great excuse for a get together with none of the guilt and expense of a shopping splurge – yes please!

GET INTO CINEMA by going to one of the many film festivals happening across the UK. This kicks off with The London Short Film Festival (10th – 19th January), which takes place at a range of venues across the capital. There’s something to suit any taste whether it’s the Sheffield Documentary Film Festival, the eclectic British Independent Film Festival and East End Film Festivals or you could even discover a totally new culture at The London Korean Film Festival or Manchester Spanish Film Festival.

There’s a lot to see, learn, do and experience out there so enough ready and off you pop. Don’t forget to keep checking back here for ideas though!

By Kerry Flint

Sweet Chilli, Philli Bites

These bites are such a great alternative to crisps and dips. They’re really, really easy to make, taste amazing and get your tastebuds flowing for whatever is to come next – whether it be a barbecue or a simple salad!     
French baguette  
Sweet chilli sauce     

- Slice the French baguette into thin rounds and pop under the grill and flip over after about 30 seconds. – Once nicely golden allow them to cool.     
- Then top them with the Philadelphia – just a small coating.     
- Drizzle over the sweet chilli sauce. 
- Serve straight away or pop in the fridge until you need them!
Recipe and photography by Ailie Williams

Avocado Four Way

Here’s Cellardoor’s first spring-summer recipe of the year, our avocado four-way! Great for a party starter or to accompany a jacket or yummy snack! We’ve chosen four of our favourite combinations but you can put anything you like in your avocado. Go ahead and try it out for yourself… 
Serves 4 
2x avocado (cut in half, stone removed) 
Spoonful of cottage cheese
100g prawns (roughly) 
Tbsp sesame seed oil
1/2 juice lime 
Sprinkling of paprika 
Tbsp sesame seeds 
1 slice of melon
1 egg (boiled and chopped)
Spoonful of mayonnaise 
Cherry tomatoes

- Mix prawns, paprika, sesame seed oil and sesame seeds and lime juice together (for best flavour leave to marinate for 30 minutes)
- Scoop out any excess avocado once the stone has been removed (this depends on how much filling you want in your avocado) 
- Then we chose our four favourite four combinations: egg and mayonnaise mixed together, prawn mix and egg, prawn mix and chopped melon, and prawn mix, cottage cheese, egg and tomato
- Put the four different fillings in to the four avocado nests
- Serve on its own or with salad or whatever takes your fancy!
By Melodie Walter

Mango Chicken Rice Salad

Brighten up your dull April days with Cellardoor’s colourful and rather tasty spring salad! Slender strips of tender chicken with peanuts, mango and banana and zesty lemon mixed with rice… easy peasy!

170g cooked cold wild rice
200g cooked cold chicken (stripped into chunks)
325g (tinned) sweetcorn
110g salted peanuts
2 bananas (sliced)
1 mango (sliced)
1 lemon
4 tbsp oil
Pepper and salt
1 tsp soy sauce
1 small onion (grated)
-       Cook rice as instructed on the packet and drain and cool (put in the fridge once cooled)
-       If the cold chicken is not already pulled into strips, do so, then mix together with the sweetcorn, mango, banana and salted peanuts
-       With a vegetable peeler, pare (peel) half of the outer skin of the lemon and leave aside for garnish; grate the other half and squeeze the juice of the lemon into a small bowl
-       Add the oil, salt and pepper, soy sauce and onion
-       In a large put the cold rice, chicken, sweetcorn, mango, banana, salted peanuts,   and dressing and mix thoroughly
-       Add the peeled lemon on top to pretty up and serve with green leaves and cherry tomatoes for extra colour and flavour
By Melodie Walter

Breakfast Muffins

It is International Women’s Day today so we’ve decided to celebrate this morning baking our own cornflake breakfast muffins – they smell delicious and taste just as good! Try for yourself…

80g porridge oats
20g cluster oats
½ pint milk
1 egg
125ml sunflower oil
175g Demerara sugar
50g cornflakes
150g raisins
20g chopped walnuts
20g sesame seeds
150g self raising flour
½ tsp cinnamon
- Mix the oats, cluster oats and milk in a bowl and leave them to soak for 15mins.
- Heat oven to 200C
- Grease the muffin tray with a little butter
- Beat the egg, then beat altogether with three quarters of the sugar, with the oil, half the cornflakes and the raisins and cinnamon, add the oats and milk and mix thoroughly
- Beat in the flour and divide the mixture between the cups of the muffin tray
- Sprinkle tops with the sesame seeds, walnuts, remaining sugar and cornflakes
- Put in oven for 20-25mins

By Melodie Walter

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