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A few of our favourite things…

Joel Penkman is definitely a guy after our own hearts – just take a peek at his sugary sweet artwork! His realistic, simple still lifes depict a few of our favourite treats, from the rocket ice lollies, party rings and even those sherbert-filled flying saucers we so fondly remembered.
He say’s “I love food, and I love to paint, so combining the two seemed like a good idea.” 
 We’re now on a sugar high from just looking at them… 

Christmas Candy

We begin the festive month of December with indulgence and decorations. Here at Cellardoor HQ we aim to bring a touch of winter warmth that will touch the hearts of loved ones or add a touch of femininity to your festive home decorations. Try making our homemade marble marzipan and nutty chocolate coated butter fudge sweets – they can make the most charming gift wrapped up in a box and pretty paper and ribbons. Or even use for decoration on the Christmas tree!

Nutty chocolate coated butter fudge
450g granulated sugar
4 tbsp water
12 tbsp condensed milk
1 bar cooking chocolate
Handful of hazelnuts
-       Heat the sugar, water and butter in a pan on a low heat – stir until the sugar has dissolved
-       Add the condensed milk – stir occasionally until the mixture is thoroughly blended – boil steadily and mix only occasionally
-       Test to see if the mixture is ready to be taken off the heat by dropping some into a cold glass; if it forms a soft caramel ball/mound then remove the pan from the heat
-       Beat the mixture until it thickens then pour it into a greased tin and leave to cool
-       Melt chocolate and pour over the cold fudge and decorate with the hazelnuts
To make what we call the ‘fudgecomb’ (can be seen in the photo) just continue to boil the mixture until thickens and then crumbles. The pan must then be taken off the heat immediately.

 Tip: tastes great with melted chocolate drizzled on top with chopped nuts.
Marble marzipan swirls and hearts
110g ground almonds
55g castor sugar
55g icing sugar
Few drops almond essence
1 egg
Food colouring
Mini heart stencil
-       Bind the almonds, sugars, essence and egg together – roll into a ball
-       Split the mixture into smaller balls (as many as desired)
-       Add your desired food colour to each ball – a different colour to each
-       Roll together to make swirls or use a mini stencil like we did to make pretty heart shapes

By Melodie Walter

Cherry Drops

Christmas shopping is a real love/hate activity. You love the thought of it in October when selection boxes appear in shops, meaning you’re officially allowed to browse online for presents (to give AND to receive!). You hate it when it’s the last weekend before Christmas and you’re rushing around town loaded with overpriced gift boxes for all those tricky buggers who don’t seem to like anything.
Well how about saving time, money and the urge to pull your own hair out with a little something homemade?
Idea 1: Cherry Drop vodka
Remember Cherry Drops? They were the tastier version of a Halls Soother, without the gooey bit in the middle, that you used to rot your teeth on when you were a kid. Well why not get a little retro and try this tasty alcoholic alternative.
To make:
Sterilise a mason jar and add 3 packets of Cherry Drops to 500cl of vodka (it doesn’t have to be premium as the sweets hide the flavour, although your head won’t thank you in the morning if you buy pure gut rot).
Leave to sit for 2 days, giving the occasional stir. Once fully dissolved, pour into a pretty bottle, add a cute bow and throw in a couple of shot glasses for a festive and fun-promising pressie.
By Yvonne Dickson