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Urban Outfitters Autumn 2013

The latest lookbook from Urban Outfitters has got us dreaming of heading to Paris with their dreamy images shot by Lina Scheynius. We love the laid-back casual look mixed with the elegance of the backdrop of the french countryside and city streets. 

Featuring casual denim, feminine shapes and washed out prints – it’s the perfect mix of romantic grunge and their signature edgy look that we love. 

Weekend Inspiration

Denim is an essential material in everyone’s wardrobe, one we wear practically every day. Come summer or winter, denim shorts are a staple. Perfect for a casual outfit or for dressing down an overly smart look, denim shorts evoke a feeling of individuality and freedom (even if you and basically every other girl in town are wearing them). They say bohemian free spirit, giving off a Sienna-ish vibe that’s totally Shangri-La or 60’s hippy commune. 

So whether you prefer a classic look or one with a punk/hippy/indie edge, denim shorts give you the ability to be yourself, whatever you pair with them. So wear them your way, and let your personality shine through. 

By Michaela Lock