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Autumn Sausage Casserole

Whether we like it or not, it appears that summer is well and truly over (did it ever begin?). And as much hope as we’re all holding out for one last glorious Indian summer weekend, we might have to start accepting the inevitable.  Apart from the excuse to give your wardrobe a winter overhaul, the only other excuse to look forward to colder weather is the food. 
Say goodbye to salads and an enthusiastic hello to stews, soups and dumplings! Before you know it, it’ll be mince pie time.  But before we get too ahead of ourselves (mulled wine anyone?) here’s a quick and scrummy recipe for something that will warm your winter-dreading cockles:     
Serves 4  
6 sausages  
2 onions  
2 cloves of garlic  
1 can of chopped tomatoes  
1 can of butter beans  
3 bay leaves  
Splash of red wine and Worchester sauce   
Olive oil   
- Heat the olive oil in a deep frying pan and soften the onions and garlic. Turn the heat up slightly and then add the sausages, letting them brown all over. 
- Add the tomatoes, bay leaves, red wine and Worchester sauce to taste. Simmer for 10 minutes and then add the butter beans. 
- Cook for another 20 minutes (or for as longer if you need to paint your nails, chat on the phone, doll yourself up for a dinner date… Just don’t let the sauce cook dry).   
- Serve with some healthy greens or crusty bread.   
 Recipe By Yvonne Dickson  

Rain Check…

Spring: a time of growing warmth, chirping birds, and blooming flowers. Colours are emerging from a bleak and barren landscape, and truthfully, it’s hard not to reflect the change in our wardrobe. Pastels and florals that seemed woefully inappropriate in January are growing irresistible, while the rising temperature has us itching to don some light dresses. And yet cold spring showers too often put a damper on our style. 
This year we’re embracing rain accessories. To help inspire you, we’ve picked a few ladies who beautifully wear boots and carry umbrellas without sacrificing their style.
Clockwise from top left: 1, 2, 3, 4
If the classic rain boot style appeals to you, Hunters are well made and widely seen. Their popularity is due not only to their durability, but also to their wide range of colours and glosses. 
If you hate the clunky and restrictive nature of tall rubber boots, there are a lot of great alternatives.
 From left to right: Leopard Print, Lace Up, Bow Bootie
While your feet are warm and dry, your head is left unprotected. Your hair and make-up are subjected to the elements, often left sad versions of what they were before leaving the house. Luckily, there are countless umbrella shapes and patterns to suit your every style whim. 
Clockwise from top left: Rainbow, Black and White, Clear, Mint, Heart, City print

Spring brings the promise of better weather, but its beginning is often speckled with grey skies and rain. Rather than letting the wet weather foster a gloomy attitude and wardrobe, enjoy the details. By choosing interesting accessories that complement your taste, you’ll have fun and stay dry in style. Happy spring!

Honey Apple Pie

You’d be right in thinking that apple pie is not the most original dessert out there but we think it’s one of the most homely for a January treat, come rain or wind or flood (oh Britain how we love her erratic weather dearly). 
If you don’t make your own pastry it’s surprisingly straight forward and won’t cost you too many pennies, plus we’ve put our own twist on it it with honey, orange and spice.
500g buy ready-made (or if you’d prefer make your own!)

2 large cooking apples
1 tsp cinnamon
125g soft light brown sugar
Juice of tangerine
2-3 tbsp honey
Demerara sugar

* Heat the oven to 220C
* Roll out 2/3 of the pastry to fit a pie plate of 23cm
* Peel and core the apples and cut into thin slices
* Gently heat the orange juice, cinnamon and honey in a heavy based pan until the mixture starts to caramelise, then put in the apple slices until they are caramelised on both sides
* Tip the mixture into a bowl and stir in the brown sugar and then pack it in the pastry case
* With a little warm water dampen the edges and of the pie rim and roll out a lid for the pie, press it on top and trim any excess edge
* Use a fork to press down the edge and prick the top of the pie
* Sprinkle Demerara sugar on top of the lid evenly
* Bake for 20mins and then reduce the heat to 180C and bake for a further 30mins
* Serve hot with cream

By Melodie Walter

Vintage Summer

Looking for some updates for your summer wardrobe? Well, look no further! offers a wide range of products at affordable prices, allowing you to ace that vintage summer look which, here at Cellardoor, we love.
Every item on the website is hand-picked so shop while you can, as when it’s gone – it’s gone! We love their selection of dresses with some beautiful floral patterns, along with the perfect accessories to dress them up. Or even if it’s raining (it’s the UK after all!) – why not slip on a pair of thick tights to complete the vintage look? You could even browse some warm jumpers and cardigans in the knitwear section.

We love the idea of the vintage trends coming back and settling in our fashion world today. If you want to be wearing the outfit everyone envies this summer visit and be the next vintage style sensation of your summer.
By Shannon O’Brien

Let it rain

It’s hard to feel cheerful at the moment when it’s all grey and rainy out there – where is that summer we’re all hoping for, eh? One good thing about all this wet weather though is this beautiful photography from Gavin Hammond.
The photographer has been snapping some of London’s famous landmarks in the drizzle… but from a very unusual angle. These aren’t your ordinary landscapes, oh no! If you look a little deeper you can see the reflections from the likes of Big Ben and The London Eye staring back at you from puddles. It’s not looking so gloomy now…

Winter Warmer

Siberian weather eh? It wouldn’t be so bad if it was still Christmas… staying snuggled indoors with as many mince pies as we could cope with, watching slushy films, and knocking back mulled wine… But in February? When it’s already the shortest, darkest, gloomiest month? It’s just cruel. 
 So if you’re in need of some spirit-lifting, cockle-warming, rage-stopping chocolate, why not have some with a kick?  
Cellardoor’s Chilli Hot Chocolate

 Serves 2  Milk (enough for 2… depending on the size of your mug!) 
1 fresh red chilli 50g of dark chocolate (the darker the better!!) 
1 tsp honey   
 • Make 2 small incisions into the chilli and place in to a saucepan of milk, warming slowly on a warm heat.
 • Melt the chocolate in a Bain Marie (or microwave) then add the chocolate and the honey to the milk. 
• Heat for another 5 minutes, until the milk thickens and the chilli has had an impact.
 •Remove chilli and drink from your favourite mug.   
Sofa: essential. Slanket: optional.