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Meet… Credit Crunch Chic

For the next instalment of our Meet the Blogger… series we grilled freelance writer and blogger Amie from Credit Crunch Chic. We can’t get enough of reading all about her charity shop finds, whilst trying not to go too green with envy!
Read on to find more about the girl behind the blog…

Blogger Credit Crunch Chic

Ok, first up who is ”Credit Crunch Chic” for those that don’t already know?
Well, Credit Crunch Chic is my personal style blog. I have always been an avid charity shopper and I love vintage clothes, and scouring the sale rails for a bargain or two. I was known among my friendship group for my ability to put together outfits and looks on a shoestring budget, and because I love to write, I thought it would be fun to start my own blog to document things I’d found and how I style them!

How long have you been blogging, and what made you want start it in the first place?
I started the blog in 2009 so it’s getting on for over 6 years now! I wanted to to record all my thrifty finds and write about ways to look good on a budget. My boyfriend Adrian was very encouraging and has helped me so much with the blog set up and layout, including drawing all my social media ‘buttons’ (he’s an illustrator) and taking all my outfit photos!

Blogger Credit Crunch Chic Vintage

What inspires your blog posts?
I am inspired by lots of things, from other amazing blogs that I follow to street style, and wanting to talk about a new budget beauty product or fashion find. As my blog has progressed over the years I have drawn more inspiration from the aesthetic as well as the written word, and I strive to make the blog look interesting and exciting with copy to match!

How would you describe your style?
I have a fairly classic style which contains elements of vintage with a muted colour palette. I always say I base my style on a little old French lady; I love that ‘granny chic’ vibe and my vintage shoe collection helps add to this!

What three items can you not live without?
My wardrobe favourites change with the seasons, but I wouldn’t be without my vintage rings, (gifts from Adrian) my Chanel ballet shoes (found on eBay) and a vintage Louis Vuitton wallet (charity shopped in Devon.)

Credit Crunch Chic Blogger Vintage Chanel Shoes

What do you get up to when you’re not blogging?
Outside of blogging, I love to charity shop (of course) as well we taking Latin and Ballroom dance classes. I love to keep fit with yoga and pilates and I also like to attend gigs and see friends.

Tell us something no one else knows about you…
My guilty pleasure is watching snooker! I really enjoyed the World Championships and was so pleased Stuart Bingham won!

And lastly, to coincide with our forthcoming issue, we want to know your favourite childhood memory.
I remember getting my very own dog, a collie cross when I was about 9 and a half. I called her Sophie because I was obsessed with the film ‘The BFG’ and the little girl in the film was called Sophie.

Meet… Pret-A-Reporter

For the next instalment of our Meet the Blogger series we grill Edita from Pret-A-Reporter.
Read on to find out more about the girl behind the blog…

Ok, first up who is ‘Pret-A-Reporter’ for those that don’t already know?
It’s just a little style diary of mine. I love styling clothes, mixing textures and combining looks with jewellery – so I thought it would be great to document it! I’ve had such an amazing response to my blog and am very very proud that I could inspire others to be more daring with their style choices.
How long have you been blogging, and what made you want start it in the first place?
It’s my second year running – I am a bit of a rookie compared to those who have been doing it for much longer. I used get comments from people saying that I simply HAD to try blogging, so eventually I gave in and started one.  
What inspires your blog posts?
Everything and anything. Songs, furniture, well dressed people, horribly dressed people – honestly, everything.
How would you describe your style?
A chameleon. I can embrace one style one day and do something completely different the next.
What three items can you not live without?
Hair spray, mascara and my Macbook.
What do you get up to when you’re not blogging?
I love doing blog-related projects. I have recently collaborated with Models of Diversity who gave me a platform to bring a vision I had to life – to have bloggers of different ethnicities, shapes, sizes and abilities on the runway. We named it CATWALK4CHANGE. I oversaw the blogger catwalk project from A-Z. It was indeed an experience of a lifetime. As a result Jo Wood was posing next to a press board with my blog’s logo on it – WOW! 
Tell us something no one else knows about you…    
Shhhh… But I prefer Hanna Barbera cartoons to Disney!
And lastly, as we’re releasing our travel issue, we want to know your favourite holiday destination?
 LITHUANIA! My home country – always lovely to go back to and a true gem that not many still know about.

Meet… Milk Bubble Tea

Our next instalment of our Meet the Blogger series comes from Becky over at Milk Bubble Tea. Read on to find out more about the girl behind the blog…

Ok, first up who is ‘Milk Bubble Tea’?    
My name is Becky, I’m 22 (almost 23)  and I am a dog person – if you have a dog, we will be friends! I don’t like tea or coffee  – I’m the adult who still orders a hot chocolate (with extra cream and marshmallows of course).  My camera is never far from my side and I hate mushrooms.  

How long have you been blogging, and what made you want start it in the first place? 
  I’ve been blogging for just over a year and a half now. My blog started out as a online diary and somewhere to share my photographs along with daily snippets of my life. I’m constantly surprised at the comments I receive and the amount of followers who read my blog. I like to put effort and time into my blog posts but it’s my readers who make blogging really enjoyable for me! 

What inspires your blog posts?    

 I love capturing moments in my photographs. Wether it be something big or something small. When I receive lovely compliments from readers of my blog telling me they love my photography, it really inspires me to keep it up. 

How would you describe your style?  

My style can vary from time to time but at the moment I’m currently living in my trusty pair of american apparel easy jeans and cosy jumpers. I’m a cream jumper (and general knitwear) hoarder! 

What three items can you not live without?    

This probably sounds really bad but my iPhone! Im always snapping photos on it, emailing, tweeting etc I always get plenty of eye rolls when instagram-ing my lunch before eating it, oops. 2. Concealer (is a girls best friend.) 3. My DSLR – I take my camera everywhere with me, every trip, even just on little walks with the dogs and adventures at the weekend!

What do you get up to when you’re not blogging?  

When I’m not studying and my macbook isn’t glued to me. I like to take my dogs for long walks, go to the cinema often (and always buy a huge carton of salted popcorn, never sweet!) or spend time with my lovely boyfriend.

 Tell us something no one else knows about you…    
I have a little scar on my forehead from when I fell over when I was two, it’s exactly like Harry Potters.. Jealous?

And lastly, what’s your favourite thing about Winter? 

Frosty mornings and fresh snow, I love walking on fresh snow and hearing that crunch underneath my feet! 

Meet…What I Heart Today

Lily Pebbles is definitely a girl after our own hearts, and her blog What I Heart Today has become another firm favourite. So read on to find out more about the girl behind the blog…
Ok, first up who is What I Heart Today? 
What I Heart Today is run by me, Lily Pebbles and it’s mainly a beauty site with a bit of fashion and lifestyle thrown in
How long have you been blogging, and what made you want start it in the  first place? 
What I Heart Today has been going for 3 years and it all started at University when I was encouraged to start a blog as part of our Digital Marketing module.
What inspires your blog posts? 
Anything really. I’m obsessed with beauty and I’m always eager to try out new launches and tell everyone my thoughts. I read a lot of other blogs and watch beauty videos on YouTube so that really inspires me too.
How would you describe your style? 
I like to keep things quite classic and stylish, but most importantly I’m all about the comfort.
What three items can you not live without? 
My leather detail Zara coat, lip balm and my camera.
What do you get up to when you’re not blogging? 
When I’m not blogging I’m most likely to be shopping, making videos for my YouTube channel, reading other blogs, painting my nails on the sofa or eating out at a new restaurant.
Tell us something no one else knows about you… 
I hide my childhood diaries under my bed and would die of embarrassment if anyone ever read them. I guess I should find a new hiding place now…

And lastly, what’s your favourite thing about Winter?
Coming inside and getting warm. Lighting a candle (usually Diptyque), putting on cosy loungewear, making a hot Ribena and watching films

Meet… Dearest Deer

Despite being fairly new on the blogging scene, Dunya over at Dearest Deer has fast become one of our favourites. We had a chat with the girl herself, so read on to find out more about the girl behind the blog… 

Ok, first up who is ‘Dearest Deer’? 
My name is Dunya, I’m 21, and a third year student studying International Relations at Sussex University, living in Brighton and occasionally popping back home to Surrey in between! 
How long have you been blogging, and what made you want to start it in the first place?
Blogging has been relatively new for me, I started around June/July of 2012, feeling very inspired since the start of 2012 by my friend Carrie and her blog WishWishWish! Seeing the way she told stories through beautiful photography and words got me into looking at other blogs and, before I knew it, I’d bought myself a camera and was plotting my own blog design! 
What inspires your blog posts?
I’ve always liked the idea of capturing something in a photo, and I try to make my posts as much about where I am as what I’m wearing. At the start I did some straight up outfit posts but I think the inspiration has to be drawn from where I am at the time too, so I like to look for new places that can compliment my look and vice versa! 
How would you describe your style?
It’s a bit of two things, on one side probably very typically girly; I like bows, velvet, polka dotted anything, but I also like my fair share of  masculine things, tailored trousers, brogues. The fun is mixing it all up! And it’s safe to say anything Alexa Chung and Zooey Deschanel/Jess wear are all inspirational! 
What three items can you not live without? 
I have a life-saving (by life I mean hair) hooded camel coat from Zara I received for my 20th birthday which, in our weather, I am so grateful for! My black denim American Apparel circle skirt saves the day when I feel like nothing else will match, and a very long-lasting pair of black suede topshop ankle boots from two years ago is my go-to when I want a low heel that will look nice but still be comfortable. 
What do you get up to when you’re not blogging? 
A lot of my time is spent in front of my laptop, studying for my seminars! But when I’m away from my laptop I try to make the most of visiting charity shops nearby, spending time with fellow bloggers in London, and popping back home to Surrey.
Tell us something no one else knows about you… 
I have a little dent on my top left cheek from an almost-fatal accident when I was 6. Look out for it in my next post!
And lastly, what’s your favourite thing about Winter? 
Coming home from the cold, chucking all things wet or damp to the side, and putting the kettle on!

Meet… The Briar Rose

For the next instalment of our meet… the blogger series, we caught up with Megan from The Briar Rose. Inspired by her favourite Disney character, her blog is full of fairytale whimsy which we love! Read on to find out more about the girl behind the blog… 

Ok, first up who is The Briar Rose? 
 The ‘Briar Rose’ was a title inspired by my favourite Disney character, Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. ‘Briar Rose’ has always been one of my favourite names, and when I first started blogging I thought it would be a fitting alias. Nowadays I just see it as the name of my blog, I doubt I will ever be able to call myself anything but ‘Megan’ – it just feels unnatural! 
 How long have you been blogging, and what made you want start it in the first place?
 I started my blog in late August 2011, however I only started to post regularly in January 2012. As I was starting university, I decided I needed some kind of creative outlet that combined my love of writing with my interest in fashion and photography. I’d also seen a few people discuss how beneficial blogging could be for those trying to break into the fashion industry, and it began to feel like the natural direction for me to pursue. 
 What inspires your blog posts? 
 Oh, all sorts of things! It could be a passage in one of my set texts for university, old films and story books, or just day-to-day events. Since I study creative writing I’ve got into a habit of writing down interesting dreams, little unexpected things I notice, and words I’d love to use in my own work. That can really help when it comes to putting together my blog posts. I’m also hugely inspired by my blogging friends, we’re all on the same wavelength and I love reading their posts as well as writing my own. 
 How would you describe your style? 
 It’s quite eclectic and changes with the wind. I adore sugary colours and soft fabrics, and I’m generally quite playful with the way I pair things together. It’s Florence Welch meets Marie Antoinette meets Strawberry Shortcake.
What three items can you not live without? 
 My camera, I’m the kind of person who photographs everything. It’s become a running joke in my family. I get through copious amounts of lip balm – I generally carry at least two pots! Finally I’d say hair dye, if I were stuck with my natural hair colour I would be extremely frustrated! 
 What do you get up to when you’re not blogging? 
 I love cooking and baking and I’m forever dreaming up new recipes – my latest discovery was apple and blackberry cupcakes! My first love is writing so I spend a lot of my time reading and working on numerous novel manuscripts. Earlier this year I started modelling, so I’ve started doing photo shoots fairly regularly which is always fun, especially when I’m working with photographers and brands I’ve developed a personal relationship with through my blog. Naturally university is quite demanding, however since a large chunk of that is creative writing it isn’t too strenuous! 
 Tell us something no one else knows about you… 
 When I’m ill or feeling down I watch cheesy children’s films like Thumbelina and The Swan Princess on Youtube to take my mind off things. 
And lastly, what’s your favourite thing about Winter? 
 Christmas, it’s my absolute favourite time of the year. In particular I love the food and spending endless hours in a cosy kitchen baking mince pies, spiced biscuits, Cointreau cupcakes and caramel sweet potato tart! Indulgent winter food is my downfall.

Meet… Gh0stparties

Our latest instalment of Meet… the bloggers series sees us chat to Kate from Gh0stparties. Whose obsession for all things beauty has us glued to her youtube videos. Read on to find out more about the girl behind the blog… and her Jedward secret! 

Ok, first up who is Gh0st Parties?
 Gh0stparties is me, Kate. I’m 21 and live in London (soon to be Glasgow!) I spend absolutely all my time blogging about beauty and fashion! I’m obsessed with skincare and I have an unhealthy addiction to all thing internet related. 
 How long have you been blogging, and what made you want start it in the first place?
 I guess it would be coming up to two years now (wow!) and I’m not sure how I got in to it as I hadn’t heard of blogs at the time but I had finished uni and I was getting more and more in to beauty products and I started writing about them. After I found the beauty community it inspired me to post more and be more engaged and it’s just taken off from there. 
What inspires your blog posts?
 In all honesty, I don’t read too many other blogs as I try not to be influenced too much by what other people are buying (so difficult!), I want to test products myself, products that I would buy anyway and not items that are hyped up at the time, to keep my blog original and to stay ahead of the trends. Of course, there are some blogs and bloggers that I adore and I guess they inspire me, as well as my non-blogger friends who are never sure where to start when it comes to beauty or style. Inspiration is all around me, I guess! 

 How would you describe your style?
 I would say grunge mixed with girly, I like trends but I love to give my own take on them and I only wear what suits my shape.
We love watching your youtube videos, have you got any advice for any other bloggers who are thinking of doing their own?
 I would absolutely say not to over think it, take the plunge and brush off any negative comments. YouTube is different from blogging and I think when I started my channel (much later than my blog), a lot of followers of mine expected me to be perfect from day one but it does take a bit of getting used to so keep at it. The awkwardness and bad habits will ease out eventually and you will always get more positive comments than negative so always, always concentrate on the good! I have some awful habits that are always pointed out to me in the comments but life’s too short to worry about it. 
 What three items can you not live without?
 My iPhone, Copella apple juice and REN face masks. 
 What do you get up to when you’re not blogging?
 I scale the country a lot as my family and friends live in Scotland – you will usually find me in a bar in Glasgow with my boyfriend or in bed watching Revenge. Mainly though, I blog or think about blogging! 
 Tell us something no one else knows about you…
 I once met Jedward and got their autograph and my picture with them. No shame. None. 
 And lastly, what’s your favourite thing about Summer?
 Impromptu picnics in the park in the evening with rosé wine and strawberries and the best people.

Meet…SW Craft Club

For the latest instalment in Cellardoor’s Meet the Blogger series we meet the lovely Zoe from SW Craft Club, who tells us just why she started her art and craft blog and what she has in store for us this year. Check it out!
 Hi Zoe! Tell us who ‘SW Craft Club’ is and how long has it been around? 
SW Craft Club is a blog dedicated to craft in South London. It’s still a baby, the blog has only been around for just over a year. 
 Why did you decide to set it up? 
 A moment of madness! I remember having a moan about not being about to find somewhere near to home to craft or bake. I live in Clapham, and I didn’t want to slog across London on my days off work to learn something new. So I started the blog, researched the internet and slowly started to find companies operating locally to me, so I blogged about them and thankfully it turns out I wasn’t the only one looking for a south London craft course. 
 Who are your inspirations and where do you get your inspiration from? 
 I’m always inspired by others and in terms of crafts I’ve been very inspired by how and where people have taken craft. How peopled have pushed through boundaries with their work and how people are now using social media to promote their work. I get my inspiration from every days things, i.e. a handbag I see on the tube, magazines, other bloggers etc. 
 What makes a good blog? 
 I only look at craft and fashion blogs, but what makes a huge difference to any blog are the images. I think great images help to pull the reader into your world, but bad images don’t attract anyone, no images are boring! 
 What do you do when you’re not blogging? 
 My days always seem to be full, I’m a bit of a sponge. Currently I’m working on the layout of a new website, so I’m reading books and articles for things related to the website. I always like to make, I’ve attended a few short courses and workshops and I’ve got two planned for January. I got told I don’t relax, so my New Year Resolution is to find more relaxing things to do! 
 What is it about craft that makes you so passionate about it? 
 It isn’t strictly craft I’m passionate about, I studied Fashion at university. I find I enjoy anything to do with making, whether it is a cushion, a cake or turning my hand back to cross stitch. I’m willing to try most things once. 
 Do you have any advice for anyone who would like to start up a similar blog? 
 Make sure you do some market research, a little or a lot is better than nothing and hopefully it will give you something to aim for. Your blog isn’t going to look perfect at first, mine still doesn’t. I knew nothing about blogging, I had to Google the word ‘widget’ to find out what to do with one. I’m still not technical, but it will come gradually and if you don’t know, ask. 
 Any exciting plans for the ‘SW Craft Club’ in the future?
 It’s the start of 2012 and we have some really exciting plans for the next year. SW Craft Club has grown very quickly in a short time and in 2012 we’d like to replicate what we do in other parts of London. So watch out, we may be coming to a town near you! And this year we are launching a new website to accompany this, but at the moment it’s top secret *watch this space*
By Lizzie Evans

Meet….. Gem Fatale

Gem is definitely up there with our favourite bloggers, so it was a no brainer when deciding who to feature next. We love her infamous Tuesday tips and can always rely on her to bag some awesome charity shop bargains. So what are you waiting for? Read on to find out more about the girl behind the blog…

Ok, first up who is ‘Gem Fatale’? 

I thought the name up before I had a blog whilst I was creating a new email address for an eBay account! I’d been studying Film Noir at the time so femme fatales were on my mind… When I came to start the blog soon after, the name stuck. I didn’t think about the meaning of it much at the time as I never though anyone would read the blog, but now I cringe when my postman brings me parcels addressed to Gem Fatale… I sound like a porn star!

How long have you been blogging, and what made you want start it in the first place? 
I started in the summer of 2007 after being inspired by the few popular bloggers of the time (eg. Susie Bubble!) I was living in an OAP-crammed seaside town and feeling slightly alone in my burgeoning interest in fashion. The blog became a place for me to air my take on all things stylish and a way to communicate with like-minded ladies.

What inspires your blog posts? 
Anything that makes me go ‘OMG’! The things that usually excite me are bargains, cute things (baby hedgehogs etc.) and DIY projects. I’m really inspired by food and craft blogs at the minute. I’ve got lots of festive baking and crafting blog posts planned! 

How would you describe your style? 
Girly with a rocky edge. And always comfy: body-con dresses need not apply. 

What three items can you not live without?
My laptop, my nail art pen and my big brown faux fur coat I found in a charity shop. 

We’re huge fans of your Tuesday tips… have you got a favourite? 
Aw, thank you! My discovery that liquid eyeliner could double up as a nail art pen really kick started my love affair with nail art, and seemed to go viral round the blogosphere at the time which was extremely exciting, so it’ll always have a special place in my heart. There’s nothing as heartwarming as having someone say that they’ve tried and loved a tip you’ve shared! It’s my favourite thing about blogging. 

What do you get up to when you’re not blogging? 
Whilst not blogging I’ll be found working at Topshop, cosying up with my boyfriend in front of the telly, or raiding the local charity shop circuit. 

Tell us something no one else knows about you… 
I have an unhealthy obsession with horoscopes… I once cried when I read that my boyfriend and I were doomed to fail as he’s a Capricorn and I’m a Gemini… I suppose the fact we’ve been together 6 years ought to tell me to stop believing what I read! 

And lastly what’s your favourite thing about Autumn?
Layering! The bingo wings can retire safely away in chunky knit cardigans and bad hair days can be easily masked with a woolly hat. Nippy weather hides a multitude of style sins!

Meet… Tick Tock Vintage

We meet another wonderful blogger for our next installment of our Meet the Blogger series. This time we chat to Veronika  from Tick Tock Vintage. We love her effortless writing style, not to mention her covetable collection of gorgeous dresses! 
Read on to find out more about the girl behind the blog… 

Ok, first up who is Tick Tock Vintage?  
Well, I’m a 24 year old gal that lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I’m a third grade teacher at a school in north Philadelphia. I live with my husband, our three dogs (Oliver, Louie, and Henry), cat (Meow), and rabbit (Peter). I’m an avid runner and cyclist, and I love doing outdoor sports and activities. I also bake and work on sewing projects (mostly restyling thrift store finds). I like long hair, deep sea life, rural Pennsylvania, 1960’s fashion, and bicycles.

How long have you been blogging, and what made you want start it in the first place
Before I started grad school, I worked a really awful job doing web analytics for a huge company. I absolutely hated it and the day seemed to drag on. Blogging gave me a way to pass the time!

What inspires your blog posts?
My outfit posts are inspired by all sorts of things: vintage advertisements, movies, my friends, other bloggers, whatever I find while thrifting, etc. I also post about Philadelphia a lot, since I really love the city. I try to feature parts of the city that might not get a ton of attention (like my neighborhood, East Passyunk, or Chestnut Hill). I also like to share random things that happen in my life, like meetups with Philadelphia Activity Club

How would you describe your style?
Scattered! I’m all over the place. I like super girly pastel vintage dresses, crazy shoes, bold and colorful
patterns, furry hats, and leather belts. I think I definitely dress with a vintage flair, I try to incorporate several modern pieces, or items from different decades to avoid looking like I’m on my way to a fancy dress party.
What three items can you not live without?
My denim jacket, brown peep-toe pumps, and any one of my vintage dresses.
What do you get up to when you’re not blogging?
I spend a lot of time with friends and my husband, playing games or activities, eating together, or just enjoying Philadelphia. My pets also take a up a whole bunch of my time, too. School is also a huge priority for me, especially since I’m a first year teacher.
Tell us something no one else knows about you… 
Hmm. I hate swimming in bodies of water where I can’t see the bottom. It freaks me out.
And lastly as we’ve just released our End of Summer issue, we want to know what’s your favourite thing about this season? 
Aw, I can only pick one!? I love summer so much that it’d hard to choose! I guess my most favorite part of summer is that it stays light out much longer than in the winter. Darkness at 5pm is so depressing! I also love long bike rides, ice cream, beach trips, big slices of watermelon on the porch, and picnics.

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