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What We’re Listening To…

The release of Canadian indie-rock group Arcade Fire’s ‘Reflektor’ exposed fans to a more experimental, dance sound. Although, what stood out more than their new sound was the brilliant ‘We Exist’.
Steered by bass grooves in a similar vein to that of Michael Jackson’s ‘Billie Jean’, the track isn’t especially ground-breaking – although it makes a fine addition to their arsenal of knockout tracks.   
As well as this, Arcade Fire, who are currently touring under the name of ‘The Reflektors’, have blended slick and funky instrumentation with melodic brilliance that allows the track to soar. 
The group have done it again – creating a dreamy, funked-up track that lingers in listeners’ minds for hours on end.
By Lauren Wade

What We’re Listening To…

Lovers of legendary Canadian folk singer Joni Mitchell are in for an extra treat this week – that’s if you’ve not already heard Martha Tilston’s new album, Machines of Love and Grace, beckoning in the winter this autumn.

Tilston is not your average singer-song writer and she is certainly the first of her kind to emerge in recent years, although her music is not by any means above Mitchell.
Singing about the contrasts between insatiability of the finance world (Wall Street) and other social injustices; her lyrics express the conflicts between the modern world and the human state – but beautifully.
Who could not love her artistic style (Tilston like Mitchell is a painter) – particularly the painting for this album cover suits the whimsical resonance of her vocals with a surreal landscape of boats, travellers, clouds and giraffes.
Watch her animated music video for Stags Bellow. We imagine ourselves back in the sixties with beads in our hair and dancing around wood-burning fires – a mix of campervan living and Celtic-calls of the wild; perfect for the bohemian within.

You can buy the album from her website or download it from iTunes. She is next playing live November 08 at Bush Hall, Shepherd’s Bush in London.
By Melodie Walter