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DIY: Autumnal Floral Crown

 The nights are drawing in and the temperatures are dropping… We’re well and truly into autumn. Let’s face it, autumn is one of the best seasons with the changing colours of the leaves, hearty grub to keep you warm and the excuse to stay in and keep cosy. In celebration of the season, make yourself this Autumnal Floral Crown!

DIY Autumn-flower-crown

You will need:
Scissors, Needle and thread, 1 metre of ribbon, Selection of coloured felt squares and glue

Autumn-flower-crown ingredients

Step 1
To make a heart flower, cut 3 tear shaped petals, 4 heart shaped petals and 3 double petals. Stitch through the bottom of each of the petals starting with the smallest moving up to the bigger petals. Gather them up and twist them around to make the flower and glue it in to place.


Step 2
To create the pompom flower, first take a strip of felt and fold it in half along the length, then cut lots of small slits along the fold. Starting at one end roll up the length gluing it in place as you roll. Secure the end in place with a stitch for extra strength.


Step 3
Don’t forget to cut a selection of leaves in different shapes and colours.


Step 4
To make a rose style flower, cut a circle of felt then cut a scalloped spiral into the middle. Starting at the centre twist the spiral so the petals curl up around the centre. It helps to catch it in place with a few stitches here and there as you twist it around.


Step 5
To make a succulent flower, cut 6 pointed tear drop petals then 12 larger pointed petals and a small disc of felt to attach them to. Glue 6 of the larger petals around the edge of the felt disc, then a little closer in – glue the next 6 so they sit in between the first 6. Then interleaving the smaller petals glue them into the centre.

Autumn-flower-crown (6)

Step 6
To make a thistle flower, cut two lengths of coordinating felt and along the length of one cut v shapes into it to create a grass type look. Then like the pompom flower take the other piece and cut small slits along the length. Start with the second piece and start rolling it up, gluing it in place as you roll. Then when you reach the end, start to roll the grass layer around the outside. Again gluing it in place and securing with a small stitch.

Autumn-flower-crown (7)

Step 7
To make a tropical bloom flower, simply cut 8 spiky petals and stitch them together at the base, pulling them together tightly and securing with a few extra stitches.

Autumn-flower-crown (8)

Step 8
To assemble your flower crown take a length of felt approximately 25cm long by 5cm wide and round off the top corners. Take the length of ribbon and glue it in place matching up the centre of the ribbon to the centre of the felt strip.

Autumn-flower-crown (9)

Step 9
Start by laying out all the flowers you have made in a nice arrangement above the headband. Then begin gluing the leaves you have cut to the headband, before gluing the rest of your felt blooms in place starting at the outside edges and working your way to the middle.

Autumn-flower-crown (10)

Step 10
We highly recommend using a specialist fabric glue, but a glue gun would also work. If you don’t have any glue you can always sew the felt leaves and flowers to the headband. Once the glue has fully dried you can place the crown on your head and tie the ribbon in place at the base of your hairline.

Autumn-flower-crown (11)

Words and Photography  Liveitloveitmakeit

Budget Beauty

Want an inexpensive way of achieving a youthful base without the need for makeup trickery? Then look no further than our avocado and honey face mask.

After being told as children not to play with our food, it felt somewhat unnatural plastering our faces with avocado in the name of beauty but it really does work. Avocados aren’t just there for your side order of guacamole – they are packed with vitamin A, which clears off any dead skin cells and cleanses your skin and vitamin E, which improves your skin’s health and gives you that ‘my skin is always like this’ glow. The added honey helps for an extra dose of hydration and to lock down moisture.

Avocado Face Mask Ingredients

You will need
1/2 ripe avocado
Generous dollop of runny honey

Here’s how…

1  Avocado in hand – carefully halve and de-pip.
2 Carve out one half of the avocado into a bowl.

Avocado Face Mask Step 2

3 Mash with a fork.
4 Add a dollop of honey – don’t be shy!
5 Whisk a little more. Try to get a smooth consistency as lumps can be harder to apply onto your face. The honey will stop the mask slipping off.
6 Scoop into a container so you can keep hold of any extra.

Avocado Face Mask step 6

7 Slather generously onto your face and leave to ‘set’ for 10 minutes.
8 Remove with a warm, damp cloth and see the results for yourself!

Words And Photography by Emily Smith

DIY Earring Holder

We don’t know about you but we seem to own far too many pieces of jewellery. We can’t go to a vintage market without picking some form of accessory up. It’s an addiction. The problem is, we have our favourites and then tend to wear the same pieces over and over again. Mostly because we can’t be bothered to go through the stash. Well, not any more… something had to change.

After a bit of research on Pinterest we were inspired after spotting an easy craft idea so decided to give it a go ourselves…

All you need to start with is with a selection of doilies. We picked a rectangular shape with a tight knit, which is easiest for your earrings to stay in place. You then need to find a frame in a similar size. We picked up this one cheaply in our local charity shop.

Cut the doily to size, before applying super glue to the edges of the frame. Carefully place the doily on the glued frame and stick down firmly, we popped several heavy books on top just to be sure. Then gather up all of your earrings and pierce them through the doily, attaching the backs on the other side.

We can now see all our earrings, there’s no hassle, and it looks super pretty in my bedroom. As you can see there’s even a little space that needs filling… *pops on shoes and heads to a vintage market*

By Amy Westbrook

DIY Clay Antler

It’s September and autumn is slowly establishing itself, so we wanted to share an easy DIY that can help you make that transition from summer in a small and inexpensive way.

What you will need:
White, air drying clay
Sand paper
Waxed paper

Step 1:
Prepare your surface and clay. Clean the surface you will use just to make sure you don’t get any hair or dirt on your clay. We decided to put some waxed paper down to save ruining our surface and secured with painter’s tape (it’s easily removable). Divide your clay in half and take the portion of clay that you will not use and wrap it back up to prevent it from hardening.

Step 2:
Make the main branch. Mould the clay into a single clay branch that should be a bit thicker as it will be the base of the other branches you will add.

Step 3:
Make smaller branches and attach them. This is where you can get creative. You can use the main branch as a guide to add as many small branches as you want. We made two branches and divided one of those into two more smaller branches. When you attach the smaller branches, make sure to add enough clay at the point where it connects to strengthen the link. Use your fingers to smooth it out and lessen its width.

Step 4:
Once you get the look that you desire, let it dry according to the instructions on the clay packaging. Once it’s dry, go back to sand the small bumps or imperfections that may be apparent and clean off the dust with a small rag. A little imperfection is OK and adds to the homemade look. We picked white clay because it has a natural off-white colour so if you don’t want to paint it, it still looks rather stylish.

 By Valerie Moreno
You can find her blogging over at Nuance andBubbles Blog, taking daily snaps on InstagramTweeting away or pinning inspiration here.

In the Heart of Brixton

If you’ve been anywhere near Coldharbour Lane in Brixton over the past couple of weeks then you may have already spotted Turpentine, the new ‘creative retail hub’ which offers a whole host of goodies which have been handmade.
The store – formed by Amber Rogers, Alice Waters and Judith de Berker – originated as a pop-up, selling indie craft, art and giftware, and has now evolved into a shop with its very own permanent residence at 433 Coldharbour Lane. Their cute and quirky items have been created by almost 50 ‘indie-makers’ and range from £15 to £50 – so there’s something to suit every budget!
What’s even better, The Turpentine will run evening and weekend workshops on all sorts of arts & crafts, from jewellery-making and floristry to life-drawing and photography – all led by co-founder Judith de Berker, who attended Central St. Martins.
Pop on by to see it for yourself!

Getting Crafty

We spend a lot of time working at our desks here at Cellardoor, so we thought it was about time we jazzed them up a little with a fun D.I.Y to keep our stationary mess under control. 
You’ll need: 
Patterned wrapping paper 
PVA glue 
Glue spreaders or paintbrush 
Empty tins (fruit, soup etc) 

Measure the length of your tin and mark it on your wrapping paper. 
 Mark a few lengths across the paper, marking with dots and join with a ruler and pencil. This helps to get a perfect straight line. 
Draw a line from the top to the bottom edge of the paper, this will create the rectangle that you’ll cover your tin with. Then cut out the rectangle.
Cover the tin or paper with PVA glue. Wrap around the tin, being careful not to the air bubbles and creases. 
Seal the paper in place by coating the whole tin with a layer of PVA glue. Leave to dry.
 Once dry, your pots are ready for all your desk bits and bobs! No more rummaging around for your most loved stationary. 
We’ve loved putting some fun and floral into our working space, let us know if you give this D.I.Y. a go too!
Words and photography  Emily Smith


New Year is all about resolutions but these often involve giving something up or creating a strict routine that is difficult to keep momentum. It’s far more effective to make plans and set goals that are ambitious but achievable to start off the year on a positive note and prevent hitting February on a downhill slump. At risk of sounding cheesy, it’s better to invest time and energy into doing something enhancing like a new interest, gaining a new skill or simply decide to smile more than to attempt a strict military training regime, no-alcohol and raw diet (unless you’re Gwyneth Paltrow) that is.
You don’t have to throw money at the situation either. An expensive juicer or gym membership won’t get you out of bed at 6am or off the sofa on a rainy Sunday afternoon but the thought of having an apple at hand to enjoy on an early commute or the prospect of a long walk exploring a new park are far more likely to put a smile on your face. Make your 2014 resolution to be happy and start doing the stuff that gets you there. That’s it! Here are some ideas to get you started…

GET ON YOUR BIKE because it’s fun, good for you and surprisingly social. With cycling growing in popularity there are a number of bike clubs across the UK. The Radiant Ridersare affiliated with The Shoreditch Sisters WI. There are also a lot of cycle cafes popping up – our favourite is Look Mum No Hands. Cycling and coffee and cake are THE winning combo for 2014. Trust us.

GET CRAFTY AND SOCIAL as there are a range of craft groups to meet new people and share skills. If you fancy taking up knitting try I Knit (who also meet for a monthly roast). It’s also worth checking out your local library. Drink, Shop Do is a great cafe bar where you can learn anything from the Thriller dance routine and clay modelling to vintage hair and make-up. It’s an absolute treasure trove of things to do!
GET SOME CULINARY KNOW HOW at a cookery class. Grub Clubs Skinny Bitch cookery class will take place next Thursday (16th) where ‘YES’ chef Tessa will show you how to cook a healthy feast that you also get to mingle over later.

GET INTO A GOOD BOOK or two, or three… There are plenty of book clubs to join to help spur you on and if you don’t find one near you then you can use online forums such as Goodreads  and The Guardian host a monthly book club. The Carnaby Book Exchange is a fantastic project set up by students from The London College of Fashion. Here you can peruse a range of books which you can take for free in exchange for a book left behind for somebody else to enjoy.  Whether you swap amongst a group of friends or organise a location to reach the wider public, it’s always a great plan to pass on a good book and keep the pages turning.
GET INTO LEARNING NEW STUFF at one of the UK’s many museums and galleries. Many city museums have regular late nights. The Science Museum Lates includes some great talks, a quiz and a silent disco, plus you get to play on all the exhibits once the kids have gone home.  If you find that something really sparks your interest then why not look into attending a course like The Art and Archaeology in the Mediterranean World  course starting on 15th January at Manchester museum or attend a lecture on Japanese culture at The Japanese Society. There are plenty of lectures online too, like the TED ones on Netflix or on Vimeo. Whether its astronomy, brewing, minerals, shoe design, architecture or philosophy; there’s something to explore out there. You’ll never be short of conversation!
GET OUT OF THE GYM and try something new like getting those torsos toned at a Hula Group, get anywhere anyhow by freerunning, learn to ride a  stallion or you could even try mexican wrestling.

GET A NEW WARDROBE for free. In a world full of an increasing amount of stuff, swapping is a great way to minimise waste and excess. We all have clothes we haven’t worn for ages and the new year is a great time for a clear out, so why not swap with friends or strangers? There are loads of swap events happening in town halls, pubs and various other locations across the country. The Grafton in London has a regular clothing exchange or you could organise your own swap with friends. It’s a great excuse for a get together with none of the guilt and expense of a shopping splurge – yes please!

GET INTO CINEMA by going to one of the many film festivals happening across the UK. This kicks off with The London Short Film Festival (10th – 19th January), which takes place at a range of venues across the capital. There’s something to suit any taste whether it’s the Sheffield Documentary Film Festival, the eclectic British Independent Film Festival and East End Film Festivals or you could even discover a totally new culture at The London Korean Film Festival or Manchester Spanish Film Festival.

There’s a lot to see, learn, do and experience out there so enough ready and off you pop. Don’t forget to keep checking back here for ideas though!

By Kerry Flint

Get crafty

There’s nothing better than the feeling after you completed your own craft project… well, maybe except for the piece of cake you finish to celebrate.
We’re huge fans of Claire over at Fellow Fellow and her cute DIY ideas so thought it was about time we shared her gorgeous creations with you… 
Enter these adorable fabric lined jars – and what’s better is that it’s so easy! Just grab some scraps of your favourite fabric and get gluing. 
For the full set of instructions and some more great ideas visit Claire’s blog

Something for the Weekend…

If you’re around Nottingham this weekend, then we urge you to visit the Pretty Dandy Flea on Saturday at The Congregational Church, Castle Gate.
With over 20 stalls, including a vibrant mix of artists, prints, handmade cushions, records and printed lampshades, you’re sure to find some unusual gifts – just in time for Christmas shopping! 
What’s more, there will be DJs from Nottingham record label Hello Thor providing a cool soundtrack, a record stall and (really yummy) homemade cakes and treats from The Pop-Up Sandwich Kitchen.
So why not kick off your festive season in style? We’ll see you there…
Find out more info here

When I Grow Up…

For the next instalment of our When I Grow Up… series, we catch up with illustrator Rachel from Penelope & Pip. The talented Aussie’s blog has fast become a favourite thanks to her creative and simple DIY’s (we cannot accept blame for an afternoon of procrastination due to reading archive!) so read on to find out more..

So who is Penelope and Pip?

Penelope and Pip is the moniker I use for my illustration, design and DIY adventures, but the name comes from two little characters I created when I first started drawing again a few years ago after a long hiatus from the ink and paper. Penelope is a little girl and Pip is her cat. I get a lot of comments that she looks like me and I do have a sweet cat or two so I wonder sometimes if it was an unintentional self-portrait! I like to imagine they have lots of grand adventures together and live happily on a beautiful farm in the country like I one day hope to. 
 What made you first want to become an illustrator? 
 I love telling stories and illustrating is such a fun way to do that. I can’t pinpoint a time when I decided I wanted to make the transition from my work as a teacher to becoming a full time illustrator as the process has been quite organic. I do know that I love drawing and find it really inspiring to be doing a job I really enjoy each day. Where do you draw your inspiration? I have a lot of crazy dreams! My ideas just seem to pop into my head like little explosions of colour and magic so I think I am very lucky that way. I am inspired by all the quirky things in our lovely world (like unicorns and rainbows).

 How would describe your work? 
 I always tell people my illustrations are like little one page storybooks. I like to draw characters that evoke happiness and peacefulness and scenes with a bit of mystery and adventure. I always write a little passage to go with my drawings that tell the story which is a really fun part of the process. 
 Could you describe your average day? 
 I am fortunate to work from home so my day consists of muesli with the cats, illustrating in my studio, lunch in the sunshine, crafting, blogging and a lot of yoga to keep my drawing arm in shape. What can we catch you doing in your spare time? I am a hopeless addict to crafting so I can usually be found back in my studio creating something whimsical to share as a DIY. I also love lazing in the sun watching my favourite TV series (of which there are many!).

 We love your crafty DIYs on the blog. Do you have a favourite?
 Oh, gosh! That is a tough question. I love the Pom Pom Chandelier I created recently and the Sparkle Top Pencils as they were an idea from my gorgeous little niece. 
 Any advice for aspiring illustrators?
 Practice, practice, practice! Spend a lot of time working on your craft and then your skills are not just restricted to your favourite style, which in turn means more freelance work is than available to you. And try not to compare yourself to others – you are your own unique illustrator and that is what makes you special!
You can view more of Rachel’s work here and her DIY’s on her blog here.

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