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Glastonbury Blues

 This past weekend is quite possibly the only time we don’t mind having a rain soaked summer weekend. Why? To make ourselves feel mildly better about not getting a Glasto ticket obviously! However, our dance to the rain gods were seemingly in vain, as the weekend seemed to be one of the only truly glorious weather weekends of the year!

   For those not watching the highlights on TV and enjoying the weather, we’ve hand-picked three of our must-listen-to-NOW artists who will be sure to climb up the billing over the next few years…

South London quartet Palma Violets, who incidentally formed at another festival (Reading) a few years back, took to the Park stage on Friday evening, and where defiantly there to play a show. Their debut album 180 came out in Feburary, and award winning track ‘best of friends’ is worth a listen alone.

Lewis Watson is a 20 year old singer songwriter, who started off by uploading videos of him playing covers onto youtube just a few years ago.  Now after touring with Birdy, and releasing several EP’s he looks set for much bigger things. The song ‘Calling’ is pure heaven.

Californian rock duo Deap Vally, Lindsey and Julie are riding high with their melodic riffs and bad-ass attitudes. They released their debut album ‘Sistrionix’ just last Monday, watch their performance of ‘Baby I can hell’ if you need further proof!
By Siobhan Frew

What We’re Listening To…

It was back in 2006 that our love for Arctic Monkeys began both musically and visually (we’re pretty sure there was some of us out there who took a fancy to their Northern charm), but sadly they seem to have quietened down more recently and have become little more than pleasant nostalgia.
This hasn’t necessarily been because the Arctic Monkeys lessened in talent, it was really more that they had entered the music scene so vibrantly, with their songs that had that ‘let’s go out and dance’ vibe from their first album Whatever I Say I am, That’s What I’m Not, that when their later albums came out, much slower and less gripping, many of us quite simply lost interest. 
 Yet away with the doom and gloom because they are back with a track that will suppress your weekly audio appetite with the new single Do I Wanna Know? They’re still projecting that Sheffield twang and we are digging it for sure, not to mention the video to accompany this dashing new song is simply genius. 
 Don’t be fooled by the line, see it through until the end and you’ll see what a beauty this video is. Watch on ladies…

If you’re a lucky squirrel and happen to be at Glastonbury then you will be seeing them there, otherwise you’ll have to travel further afield… 

Their new single can be purchased on iTunes but you’ll have to wait until September for the arrival of their fifth album AM.

By Melodie Walter

What We’re Listening To…

Once I Was An Eagle is the new album from an absolute favourite English gem Laura Marling. We take a quick look at why this record should be your new listening choice for this week. 

Firstly, if you weren’t in love with Alas, I Cannot Swim and I Speak Because I Can – her first two albums, then we can only assume that was because you hadn’t learnt of her literary inspired and brilliant song-writing. At the time of her musical inception to the public ear circa. 2008 she was welcomed by most of us as a wonderful new talent and was nominated for the Mercury Music Prize at just eighteen. Marling had a steady success for the next couple of years and has been refining her style as she’s gone onwards and upwards. 
Now twenty three years of age, still very young, she has gained credible life experience and her songs simultaneously have gained a depth beyond what most people her age might be able to portray, which is really what gives Marling her USP.

On Once I Was An Eagle there are songs that are dark and angry but sung in her melodic charm become almost at times seductive. It is a story-telling album of her failed relationships made up of sixteen songs that were recorded within ten days’ recording and the result is that Marling has left her childish ways behind and brought us an album which we can listen afresh to her new life concepts and enjoy her compelling vocals and acoustics.

You can buy Once I Was An Eagle from Virgin or download from iTunes.
By Melodie Walter

What We’re Listening To…

Probably not Daft Punk’s best album by a long chalk but Random Access Memories is Cellardoor’s listening recommendation for the week as there are some killer dance tunes on this record none the less.

Daft Punk, unsurprisingly, are French musicians (the French often tend to bring out the best techno music) Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter and in past years have produced some absolute gems in the past years including One More Time and Harder Better Faster Stronger.
After a few years’ absence the duo are back with cool and rather popular new single that some of you might have already heard (more than likely) Get Lucky featuring the super laid back and handsome Pharrell Williams.
Admittedly the best track from Random Access Memories released this month is Get Lucky and is already UK’s number one – an impressive feat for Daft Punk, not forgetting that this record is also the fastest selling album of the year so far. Listen and take a look to Get Lucky…

Their album can be on iTunes or other respectable online stores.
By Melodie Walter

What we’re listening to…

Icelandic twin sisters Jófríður and Ásthildur form the band Pascal Pinon. The name itself is a subtle variation of Pasqual Pinon, known as the Two-Headed Mexican, a circus performer from Texas in the 1900s who was basically a bit of a freakshow. Yet there’s nothing freaky about Pascal Pinon and certainly there’s no link between that and their music, but it does show their sense of humour that they play on the fact that they are just so closely linked together as sisters. 
The girls who are from Reykjavík in Iceland are eighteen and are in school studying classical music. Though they have expressed their love and talent for writing from a very early age, apparently they used to dictate poems, songs and stories to their parents who would then record them and started writing and producing music together aged fourteen. 
Twosomeness is their second album. Using each others strengths and weaknesses, Jófríður excels at the song writing and Ásthildur concentrates on the arrangements, backing vocals and playing instruments. And both their skills combined they make some pretty special songs. 
Take a look at their talent here in their video for Bloom taken from Twosomeness.
They’re next playing live at Hoxton Bar & Kitchen in London on May 29. Buy tickets here and download their music on iTunes.

By Melodie Walter

What we’re Listening To…

We all love a charmingly melodious Irish man’s accent and even more when they sing a song from their heart. I mean who wouldn’t be won over? Well can you imagine the appeal of four Irish lads, all of whom are musically brilliant and lovely? Can’t? Well let us introduce you Dublin quartet Kodaline

Kodaline are Stephen Garrigan, Vinnie May Jr, Jason Boland and Mark Prendergast, boys who are in their early twenties and probably could perhaps do with being a little more mature, to make them less ‘moon’. That is to say, to demonstrate a more refined approach to women, as opposed to their literal school-boy ‘moons’ whenever a female hottie appears. It’s endearing, if anything.  
But what the craic really is with Kodaline is they’re actually a pretty decent indie band with some really lovely songs. It can’t be denied that on first hearing you might recall Coldplay, Mumford and Sons or any respectable indie band of the moment. Yet what this band can offer you is honesty and, yes, a loud heart-felt burst of guitar, piano and honest songs about break ups, it seems. 
Despite their occasionally adolescent vibes they have been together as a band since 2005 when they were called 21 Demands, only later changing their name to Kodaline in 2011. It’s easy to be critical of these guys – their similarity to other bands and so on – but we can’t help but love this new track of theirs Love Like This. Guaranteed they’ll be playing at all the big festivals come this time next year, for after all, they’ve got the charm and vivacity to win us all over.

Catch these guys play live next at The Great Escape festival in Brighton and pre-order Kodaline’s forthcoming album In A Perfect World here.

By Melodie Walter

What we’re listening to…

After a long and stressful week, the May Bank Holiday weekend that we’ve just had was just a treat to lie back and relax and rest a while to this melt into your skin music by Bibio. Bibio is Stephen Wilkinson’s alias, one of our own musical talents from the West Midlands, UK.

Wilkinson is an experimental and electronic music producer influenced by foreign language (as is evident), phonemes (google it), and bands like Daft Punk and Boards of Canada. The song A tout à l’heure taken from his seventh and imminent album Silver Wilkinson, to be released on May 14, epitomises the essence of summer. 
 He produced the song in his back garden on a warm summer’s day using a 12-string guitar, an MPC sampler, a microphone and a cassette recorder, not forgetting the uncommon watering can and gardening shears. His sole intention was to portray this sun-kissed moment through the sitar-like drones, folk-chilled vocals, beats and claps. 
 Here is Bibio’s official video to A tout a l’heure. We admire his use of footage of sky and fields layered with various silhouettes on top which have been inspired by the self-entitled album cover of 1960’s band Free. 

If this track lifted your week’s drudgery and you’d like to hear more of his calming summertime music then purchase his new album on Bleep, iTunes  or Amazon.

By Melodie Walter

Something for the weekend…

Tomorrow marks the UK’s sixth National Record Store Day, celebrating independently owned music shops. It’s the one day of the year that sees independent shop-owners unite to celebrate their common interest – music! Across the country there will be meet-and-greets and performances from some of your favourite musicians and many other fun things to do!
If you’re in London you can check out Paul Weller at a special Record Store Day gig at Rough Trade East or even head over to Berwick Street between 12pm-7pm for a special festival that will see performances from the likes of Frank Turner, The Wire and Gabrielle Aplin.
Of course you will have read our Music issue by now, so you’ll know that supporting music shops is important to us. If you want to find out what events are happening in your area, check out the National Record Store Day website.

What we’re Listening to…

Oh the elusive season that is spring! That is, perhaps, until now. We are finally able to finish our working day with a sprinkling of sun rays and a little warmth, which means we start to think of brighter and happier times spent in the sun listening to good music. Who better to be this week’s choice than the splendid Laura Mvula.
For a while now this contemporary singer has been rated as being one to watch for 2013 and of course the posters infiltrate the London underground, so those of us that live in London at are no strangers to her name. But when we take notice of the hype and  really sit down to give her music time and appreciation we are not disappointed by any means. 
Mvula, influenced by other soul singers such as Jill Scott and Erykah Badu, is an accomplished composer and singer with a style that is original and uplifting. Her debut album released last month Sing to the Moon is just gorgeous. 
Watch our favourite video of the single that preceded her album which is full over beautiful spring time quirk and vocal brilliance.

She’ll next be playing live at Marlay Park at Longitude Festival in Dublin and you can purchase her music from iTunes.

By Melodie Walter

What we’re listening to…

This week for our listening choice we have the BBC’s sound of 2013 CHVRCHES. 
This trio come from Glasgow and formed not that long ago back in 2011. They are Lauren Mayberry (main vocals), Iain Cook (vocals, synthesizers) and Martin Doherty (synthesizers, vocals). These guys have an electro-pop sound and Mayberry’s charming vocals and audible Scottish lilts add to the charm even further.

 Despite a somewhat unoriginal appearance, these guys have bucketloads of originality; themes of belief, self-discovery, devotion and wonder plus their wonderful electronic accompaniments (synths) then the mix is simply colourful and the result – electro sunlight. Still quite a young band, they’ve certainly impressed us, and we are sure that in time their sound will become even more splendid. We patiently await their debut album later this year. 
Here’s their latest single release Recover. It is within this song that Mayberry’s wondrous voice really takes hold of us; it is the centerpiece of the song and captures its listening audience. 

Chvrches are next playing live in London at Village Underground on Monday 29 April and their music can be downloaded from iTunes.

By Melodie Walter

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