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Punk 1976-78

Punk is back… In fact, we’re not really sure it ever left, but either way, it’s definitely not disappearing any time soon.

40 years after punks first shook things up in Thatcher’s Britain, the British Library are putting on an exhibition to celebrate the musical phenomenon. Punk 1976-78 explores the sub-culture’s most formative years and the music that defined it, including (of course) Sex Pistols and The Clash.

We were lucky enough to take a sneak peek at the exhibition’s and the gift shop and that alone is reason enough to pay a visit. Set up like a record store, you can listen to all of your old favourites on the 1970s replica listening booth or climb into the photo booth for a few cheeky snaps – let’s face it, it’s much more fun than a selfie.

There’s something for any fan, including vinyl, gifts and homeware created especially for the exhibition – we loved the limited edition prints from Punk legend Sheila Rock.

The exhibition is on until 2nd October – make sure you don’t miss it!

Cellardoor Sounds

Daughter Band Press Group Lineup

Daughter, the London-based indie trio made up of lead singer Elena Tonra, guitarist Igor Haefeli, and drummer Remi Aguilella, released their highly anticipated album Not to Disappear last week.

Singer/songwriter Elena paints a wistful and sad picture for every Daughter fan, though  unlike the trio’s previous work, the endless sorrow doesn’t last the entire album. Instead, the fragile, gentle sound grows into aggression.

Our favourites include ‘No Care’, ‘Alone/With You’ and the final track ‘Made of Stone’, which perfectly summarises the emotional journey they’ve taken us on from their first album, If You Leave, to now.

Not to Disappear packs more of a punch with its synth-melodies and pounding drums.  The emotions sung are raw, unedited and genuine. They’re not trying to sell us on sadness, but rather they’re inviting us into the heart and mind of a truly sad soul in search of something more. Not to Disappear makes us want to stick around to see which emotional journey Daughter will take us on next.

Words by Emily Palmer

Cellardoor Sounds

Let us introduce you to a fresh five-piece band from London, Pocket Dragon. They exude creativity, let loose and, well, have fun. The band’s sounds are achieved through colourful, smooth mixes which echo summer vibes, so if you’re after some musical warmth this winter, look no further – Pocket Dragon will have you grooving to every rhythm.

We caught up with the drummer of the band to find out more about the idea behind the project…

Pocket Dragon Band

Who are Pocket Dragon?
There are five of us in the band – there’s me, Callum Green on the drums, Philip van den Brandeler on bass, Mikayl Dawood on guitar, Emma Barney on vocals and Manley O’Connor playing keys.

What’s the idea behind what you’re doing?
Pocket Dragon is all about creating a space and time for everyone to let their hair down. We all work as musicians and spend a lot of time playing music that isn’t particularly to everybody’s tastes but just pays the bills – this project is about re-capturing why we all started music in the first place, to create and challenge ourselves with musical freedom.

How do you write your music?
We mainly write as a small rhythm section at Pocket Dragon HQ, mapping out certain chords and the bare bones of a groove. Usually it starts out as a jam that either one of us can’t stop noodling with, which in time we build on.

How do you record your tunes?
After the structure is born, everyone in the band lays down their take one by one starting with drums then bass and we capture it all with GoPros. This project is really about each musician’s personality in the band and what they can bring individually to each track. We all have a lot of say in the parts, which makes the process a lot more fun and exciting for everyone involved.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
Everything. The first track on our EP ‘Pocket Morse,’ started when we wondered what the words Pocket Dragon sounded like in Morse code. Silly stuff really. Musically though, we watch a lot of live jazz music, the more experimental the better. Phil and I just saw Esperanza Spalding’s new project a few weeks ago which was mind blowing.

How would you describe Pocket Dragon to people who’ve never heard you before?
We are creating soulful jazz/funk fusion with a few synths thrown in. Just have a listen – if you like it you like it, if you don’t you don’t, but you won’t know until you try it.

What are your plans for Pocket Dragon? What’s next?
Our first EP will be coming out early next year and we have many more gigs in the pipeline. We have a few sofa sessions to do around the same time. Right now we’re recording new material, so lots more videos to come and an album to follow.

How can people find Pocket Dragon?
Head to YouTube to listen to more tracks, also check out our Instagram and visit the Facebook page to be among the first to get new tracks, videos and news of the upcoming EP and gigs.

Words by Laura Dunham

Cellardoor Sounds

Let’s face it, there’s nothing better than finding new music in unexpected places – a film, an advert, a TV show – there’s a whole world of music to discover and while we all have our favourite albums, fresh new music you want to tell everyone about is a great feeling!

With that in mind we couldn’t resist putting together a playlist of tracks for you to fall in love with! So sit back and enjoy some new sounds for the next hour, we hope you enjoy this playlist as much as we did.

1. Alex – Nicky Blitz
2. Stay Gold – First Aid Kit
3. I Care – Frances
4. Kamikaze – MØ
5. This Simple Pleasure – Billie Black
6. Zillionaire – Nao
7. Magnets – Disclosure, Lorde
8. Honeydripper – Royce Wood Junior
9. Omen – Disclosure, Sam Smith
10.Face to Face – Daft Punk
11.Lay It All on Me – Rudimental, Ed Sheeran
12.Leave a Trace – CHVRCHES
13.Ghost – Halsey
14.Turn Your Love – Half Moon Run

Don’t forget to follow the playlist on Spotify to keep updated on what we’re listening to!

Written by Leanne Beale

Tipped for the Top 2014

As hotly tipped acts such as Haim, Jake Bugg and CHVRCHES dominated our radio stations and Spotify playlists, you could say 2013 has been quite the year for emerging talent. Well, you’ll be pleased to know, it’s that time again. Where we pick out our eclectic mix of the top 5 bands we’ll be watching out for in 2014. 
Secrecy is definitely this bands forte, where their unknown identity has enthralled and fascinated listeners since their track Platoon first went viral overnight. With their absorbing urban disco feel and anticipated 2014 tour, we expect to hear a lot more from the West London hailing vigilantes. 
 Listen to: Platoon, Heat

Chloe Howl 
 Spunky enough for the indie crowds and polished enough to appeal to the masses, Chloe Howl certainly seems like she’s got it sussed. With a similar sound and quirky appeal as Kate Nash and Lilly Allen, it’s definitely expected that Howl will be packing a feisty punch to make sure she appears in the 2014 charts. 
 Listen to: No Strings, Paper Heart

Wolf Alice 
 Who said Grunge is dead? Well underground alternative four-piece Wolf Alice don’t seem to think so. Imploding resonances of indie-folk-grunge, pieced together with Ellie Rowsell’s haunting vocals, the band have made way for an enthusing new sound. 
 Listen to: She, Blush

 In 2014 we expect pigtails to have another fashion moment, and why may you ask? Well that’s because there’s a new superstar on the block called Moko. So far her trendy South-London vibe hasn’t gone unnoticed, however we expect much bigger things from the urban/garage/soul singer next year. 
Listen to: Hand on Heart, Honey Cocaine 
 Stunningly simple, yet oh so charming, Wet deserve every accolade they obtain. Not since Daughter have we heard such motivationally pleasant sounds. Where the Brooklyn based three-piece have so far received rave reviews from across the pond. Let’s hope in 2014 they cross international waters and cast the UK under their graceful spell. 
 Listen to: Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl, Dreams

By Amy Gravelle

Weekly Round Up

This week we’re still feeling festive, and there’s an overwhelming abundance to see, hear and sample. From art and crafts to vinyl and beer. Go be merry… 
VISIT the London Illustration Fair at Hoxton Arches, London, from today until Sunday (29th-30th November). A range of illustrators will be selling their work so go along to meet some talented people including Cassandra Yap (above), gather some inspiration and maybe even purchase some special Christmas presents.

LISTEN & DRINK at the only place to be this Saturday, 30th November. At Spitalfields, London, there will be an abundance of beer and records on offer. What a combination! The London Brewers Market includes a range of London’s breweries and, as if that wasn’t exciting enough, the renowned The Independent Label market, which will have over 80 independent labels present, is taking place. This is a unique opportunity to discover and support new independent artists and beers. Get down and try and purchase limited edition vinyl and craft beer for yourself, or as a fantastic Christmas present.
WATCH the gripping new UK film, In Fear. Lost on their way to an Irish music festival Tom (Iain de Caestecker) and Lucy (Alice Englert) encounter some very creepy happenings. Interesting set-ups, a sparse plot and good acting make this new offering from director Jeremy Lovering a much wanted indicator of hope for the UK film industry. 
LISTEN to Manchester female foursome Pins, Christmas song. Even the most festive tune hating amongst you will be mesmerised by this jingle. These northerners are definitely ones to watch in 2014 and you can download this track from UrbanOutfitters.
BUY some silly fun knitwear now the temperatures are set to drop. Bedroom Factory Knits offer a range of fun accessories, from dinosaur bobble hats to flamingo scarfs, that are bound to make the gloomiest gloomster smile, no matter how gloomy the weather. They will be at the Brighton Craftaganza this weekend so go along and say hi. The Craftaganza will be held on Sat 30th Nov / Sun 1st Dec and Sat 7th Dec / Sun 8th Dec
By Kerry Flint

What We’re Listening To…

The release of Canadian indie-rock group Arcade Fire’s ‘Reflektor’ exposed fans to a more experimental, dance sound. Although, what stood out more than their new sound was the brilliant ‘We Exist’.
Steered by bass grooves in a similar vein to that of Michael Jackson’s ‘Billie Jean’, the track isn’t especially ground-breaking – although it makes a fine addition to their arsenal of knockout tracks.   
As well as this, Arcade Fire, who are currently touring under the name of ‘The Reflektors’, have blended slick and funky instrumentation with melodic brilliance that allows the track to soar. 
The group have done it again – creating a dreamy, funked-up track that lingers in listeners’ minds for hours on end.
By Lauren Wade

What We’re Listening To…

Currently working his way through a string of tour dates, Nottingham-born teenage rocker Jake Bugg has also unveiled his latest Rick Rubin produced track called ‘Slumville Sunrise’. 
Taken from the singer’s forthcoming second album, which is due for release on November 18th – Bugg’s latest offering picks up where first taster ‘What Doesn’t Kill You’ left off.

To its merit ‘Slumville Sunrise’ is filled with razor-sharp riffs and mind-warping guitar solos. The track serves as another reminder of Bugg’s incredible abilities for such a young age, leaving listeners longing for his second album to be released sooner than later.

By Lauren Wade

What We’re Listening To…

Remnant of musicians who have gone before them, Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards are the Californian natives completing the line-up that is Deap Vally. As a female-fronted thrash rock duo who cites Thelma & Louise as their influences, you may be under the impression that these chicks deviate from your average rockers; you’re spot on.   
Band interests have been listed as ‘knitting and crocheting’ although we can confirm things are never this tame on stage, as seen across a number of summer festivals. One track that stands out and packs more of a punch than the rest is ‘Baby I Call Hell’ a statement of intent of sorts for what to expect. 

Guitars whirl, drums crash and the instrumentation is paced to a degree that will have you vibing hard in no time. No hints are given to where they’re headed next but one thing’s set in stone; it will undoubtedly be badass.

By Lauren Wade

What We’re Listening To

When it comes to breaking boundaries; Peace are no strangers, which is exactly what they’ve done on their latest release, a cover of Disclosure’s ‘White Noise’. Originally recorded as part of a BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge back in June, Peace’s take on the chart anthem went down a storm at Reading & Leeds Festival in August – as a treat for fans it’s now available on their Soundcloud account.
B-Town’s finest incorporated rip-roaring guitars and subtle, seductive vocals from Harry Koisser, leading listeners to the revelation that their version is far superior to Disclosure’s original cut. 

Peace certainly have a natural talent for rescuing floundering sub-standard chart tunes and rustling up unstoppable forces beyond their reckoning. The only question that lingers is: What’s next?

By Lauren Wade

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