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National Stationery Week

We have a bit of a thing for stationery here at Cellardoor HQ – our love of cute pencils and notebooks is getting out of control! But nevertheless, we decided to fuel our habit by rounding up a few of our fave stationery pieces… just in time for National Stationery Week. You’re welcome!

Group shot of stationery items

1. Quitterie Pencil Case, Present and Correct

2. Desktop Notepad, Rifle Paper Co. 

3. Pink Ice Cream Eraser, Paperchase

4. Gentle Reminders Pencils, Etsy

5. Monogram Crest Journal, Anthropologie

6. Eiffel Scissors, Cotton On

Apple Butter Hand Pies

These intensely buttery and flaky hand pies are like a posh man’s McDonalds apple pie. If you read the recipe ahead and bake them over two days though, they can be enjoyed by anyone. And they darn well should be, because nobody should be subjected to applesauce that tastes like wall glue.

Apple Butter 
14-16 Braeburn or Pink Lady apples, peeled, cored & sliced into chunks 
1 cup (275ml) apple juice 
2 tbsp brandy 
1 cinnamon stick 
1 tsp ground ginger 
½ tsp ground nutmeg 
¼ tsp ground cloves 
1 cup (220g) caster sugar 
2 tbsp lemon juice  
Pie Dough 
2 ½ cups (290g) plain flour 
1 tsp salt 
1 tsp sugar 
1 cup (230g) cold, cubed butter 
¼ / ½ cup (around 100ml) cup cold water plus extra for brushing  
½ cup (110g) sugar 
1 tsp cinnamon   
Notes: as the apples are cooked down, it doesn’t matter which apples you choose for this recipe, just go for the ones that you believe have the best flavour.


Day One  
Put the flour, sugar, salt and cubed butter in a food processor and pulse until breadcrumbs form. Before it forms a ball, slowly add the water – add a little extra if it feels dry, pulse until dough forms. Pat the dough into a ball, wrap in cling film and refrigerate for 30 minutes, preferably overnight.    

Make the filling. Combine all ingredients in a large heavy bottomed saucepan. Cook over medium heat and stir every so often. The apples will start to break down and will eventually reach a saucy consistency. Cook for 45 minutes and mash up unbroken pieces of apple. Reduce heat to medium-low and continue to cook for 2 hours until the sauce is much darker, thicker and half the amount. Transfer to a jar and let cool to room temperature and then refrigerate, will last there for 1 month or up to 6 months in the freezer.   

Day Two  
On a lightly floured surface, roll the dough out a ¼ inch thick. Take a 4/5 inch cookie cutter and cut out as many rounds as you can, you should have about 16. Place the rounds on a baking tray, cover and refrigerate for 30 minutes. Spoon 1 ½ teaspoons of apple butter in the centre of half the rounds, making sure to leave a 1/2 inch gap between the edges of the pastry. Brush water around the edges of rounds and place another round on top. Gently seal the dough with your fingers and create a cross in the centre using a knife. Repeat with the rest of the rounds. Place back on baking sheet, cover and and refrigerate for 30 minutes.   

Preheat the oven to 180 C. Combine cinnamon and sugar in a small bowl. Brush pies with water and then sprinkle with cinnamon before baking. Bake for 22 minutes until lightly browned. Let cool or eat warm, lasts for 3 months in the freezer or 4 days at room temperature.

Recipe and photography bu Emine Hassan

Cheats Pizza

You all know we’re huge fans of delicious things made easy, and who doesn’t like pizza? So we thought we’d mash up the two. You see with ‘normal’ pizza you have to faff about with yeast; letting that dough rise for a good hour or more. But with these? You can make these babies in half an hour from scratch. 

Let us introduce you to the wonders of flatbread. Flatbread is the easiest thing ever. You just take flour, baking powder (to give a little lift), water and natural yoghurt to make em really soft. Mix and toast in a pan! Top them with your favourite pizza toppings, whack them into the oven, and bam! PIZZA! Easy huh?


350G Flour
1 ½ Tspn Baking Powder
350G Yoghurt
Splash of water
Toppings (we used Aioli,  cherry tomatoes, onions, baby peppers, baby spinach and camembert Cheese)
Mix together the flour, baking powder, yoghurt and water to form a dough.

Lightly knead and place in a oiled bowl.

Set aside for 15 minutes while you prepare the toppings.
Cut the dough into six and roll out very thinly (the thinner the better)

Place in a heated skillet, once the bottom is golden transfer onto a oven tray.

Add toppings and grill into golden.
Remove and top with rocket or baby spinach. YUM.
Words and Photography by Britney Hazeldine

Budget Beauty

Lip scrubs are an effective way to treat your pout to some TLC and put that extra coconut oil from the last Budget Beauty post to good use. Giving your lips a gentle scrub every now and again not only sheds the unwanted dead skin, but also smooths out the canvas for lipstick application. So, if you’re a bold lip lover – listen up!

What you’ll need
1tbsp White or Brown Sugar 
1tbsp Honey 
1 Heaped tbsp Coconut Oil
1. Mix the honey and coconut oil together in a bowl. Binding them together creates the perfect conditioner to protect and soften your lips, locking in the moisture as the sugar exfoliates the layers of your lips. 
2. Fold the sugar into the mixture, being careful not to whisk as the consistency will become too runny. We chose to use white sugar for our home made lip scrub, as it’s not a coarse as brown sugar ad we already had it stocked in our pantry! After all, this is budget beauty. 
3. At this point, it’s optional to add in any essential oils or extras that you might want. We chose not too as the coconut oil itself tastes delicious! But, we suggest a couple of drops of peppermint oil works a treat to freshen your lips and breath at the same time. 
4. Gently work into your lips and remove with a damp cloth. Feel the softness! We were amazed with the results, the sugar wasn’t drying on the lips at all as the coconut oil acted almost like a lip balm and coated the skin with moisture. 
5. At this point, you can leave your lips bare, or apply your favourite bold lippy! 
 So there you have it, a Budget Beauty way to achieving an enviable pout! #selfie
Words and photography Emily Smith

When I Grow Up…

For this instalment of When I Grow Up, we grilled knitwear designer Charlotte Booty and found out a little more about the girl behind all that macramé…

 When did your passion for knitwear begin? 
 During second year I had a project called knit and print and my main inspiration was cobwebs covered in snow. I was trying to find a texture to recreate the look of the cobwebs and came across macramé. I preferred it to traditional knitting as it allows you to work straight onto the body and see the shape develop as you wish quicker into a three dimensional form. I have always had a love for textures but it was not until I discovered the possibilities of knitwear that I realise what I was able to create
Have you always enjoyed making things? 
 Definitely. I have always had a love of making things and as a child I would cut up my mum’s tights and make them into ball gowns for my Barbie Dolls. Textiles is my strongest area, this particularly became apparent at university where I’d create samples out of mundane objects and if I was assigned to make five I would make thirty – earning the awful nickname of the Sample Queen. I love to experiment with the techniques I have learnt through different mediums and show diversity with each new collection I create. 
What inspires your work? 
I love looking at derelict buildings, cobwebs or even patterns in trees. Seeing an unusual surface gives me inspiration for how I could apply the print to the body. I try to recreate the surface through sampling and then apply those samples to the stand.  I find I normally work backwards, working with the materials first to see what I can create and then applying the shapes and silhouettes into fashion.
What’s been your favourite piece you’ve made so far? 
 Probably quite an obvious choice but my favourite is the Cable Tie Biker Jacket I created for my graduate collection. The jacket was inspired by Bauhaus and consists of over 100,000 cable ties threaded through perforated leather. It took over a week and half to create the whole thing but every time it is used in another shoot I feel it was worth the effort.
 Who would you most like to see wearing your pieces? 
I would love someone like Rita Ora to wear my pieces as I feel the sporty feel and tailored bright colours of the Porcupine collection would show off her street style. 
What have been the highlights of your last year? 
 The biggest highlight of my last year would definitely be being published in Europe; Rising Fashion Designers; Volume 2. I’ve had a few pieces published in a range of editorials and a couple of music videos but to have my work printed in a book really topped off a great end to the year. One of the biggest compliments to my work is that each time my work is used it’s in such a diverse way so that when I see the photos the pieces look completely different. 
 If you could go back in time which period and place would you choose? 
 I would definitely choose the Roaring 20’s period in America. I feel I take a lot of inspiration in the form of 1920’s style. I love the ‘Age of Wonderful Nonsense’ with the prohibition, glitz and glamour. I adore the style of the flappers, from the floating fringe dresses to the feather head bands. I am entranced by everything about the ornate style of Art Deco architecture, art, clothing, hairstyles and décor. I feel the Roaring 20’s silhouettes massively influence my macramé garments, from the neckline to the fringe 
 What are your future plans?  
I’d love to intern abroad for more cultural inspirations to influence my work. Although my aim for this year to create a new collection in time for London Fashion Week’s Fashions Finest. 
Tell us something about you few people know…
 I am secretly a bit of a geek as I adore shows like Doctor Who, Supernatural and Game of Thrones. I also have a passion for escapism in the form of dystopian book series like Name of the Wind, The Hunger Games and Delirium.
 What would you say to anybody aspiring to become a designer?
 Personally I think you just need to have passion in what you are doing although it helps to do a lot of research and sampling to work out your designs. Experiment with new materials and constantly challenge yourself. Be confident in yourself. It is an incredibly tough industry, but do not let that knock you down – instead you have to channel it into your work. Although as a young designer myself I am still in the early stages of my business though it is always reassuring when I create a new piece and upload it a social network how much interest that piece gains. I would definitely recommend putting your work out there on as many different platforms as you can.
Interview by Kerry Flint

Budget Beauty

SS14 is upon us and a key trend for the world of beauty is a natural glow to your complexion. Here’s our inexpensive way of achieving a youthful base without the need for makeup trickery… avocado and honey face mask.
 After being told as children not to play with our food or smoosh it all over our faces, it felt somewhat unnatural plastering our faces with avocado in the name of beauty but it really does work. Avocados aren’t just there for your side order of guacamole – they are packed with vitamin A, which clears off any dead skin cells and cleanses your skin, as well as vitamin E, which improves your skin’s health and gives you that ‘my skin is always like this’ glow. The added honey helps for an extra dose of hydration and to lock down moisture.

 You will need
1/2 ripe avocado
Generous dollop of runny honey
Here’s how…

1  Avocado in hand – carefully halve and de-pip. 
2 Carve out one half of the avocado into a bowl.

3 Mash with a fork. 
4 Add a dollop of honey – don’t be shy! 
5 Whisk a little more. Try to get a smooth consistency as lumps can be harder to apply onto your face. The honey will stop the mask slipping off.
6 Scoop into a container so you can keep hold of any extra.

7 Slather generously onto your face and leave to ‘set’ for 10 minutes. 

8 Remove with a warm, damp cloth and see the results for yourself! 
Words And Photography by Emily Smith

Sweet Scallops

We’re huge fans of DIY’s here at Cellardoor – unless it involves any sort of power tools, then we’re out. So we got a little excited when we discovered this lovely little DIY from Extra Petite for a quick idea to update your wardrobe with a cute scalloped hem. 
It’s such a a simple idea to revamp some of your dresses, skirts, tops… just about everything!

Cat Lady

We’ve found the perfect accessory to help you complete that crazy cat lady look… perfect for any feline lover. 
The cute graphic wallpaper from husband and wife duo, Baines and Fricker, features a simple print adorned with dozens of kittys in your choice of pastel shades (our favourite is the mint green!)
Now who can spot the Siamese… 
Oh and and if pooches tickle your fancy instead, you’ll be in luck too! 


In each issue of Cellardoor, we catch up with a different creative and grill them on how they landed their dream job. So when we came across the amazing paper creations by Chloe Fuery, we just knew we had to include her! 
Click here to read the whole interview and find out more about what makes the illustrator tick… and if you’re nosy like us she gives us a peek into what’s on her iPod too! 

Girl Power

Seeing as Friday marked International Women’s Day, we thought what better way to celebrate than to take a look back at the most influential style icons in the fashion industry, past and present!  
You may love them or hate them but you defiantly cannot ignore them, we’ve handed picked our top 5 most stylish women that have affected the way other women dress….

Coco Chanel Coco 
Chanel completely changed the way women dressed in the 20th century by introducing a looser, more comfortable silhouette and taking a break from the tight fitted corsets and long dresses. She changed the way women looked at fashion and still to this very day is influencing the industry, so there is no surprise the designer has reached our top ten.
Isabella Blow 
Isabella Blow had a natural sense of style and a unique way for predicting future fashion direction. After winning an award in 2012 in recognition of her creative inspiration and influence in the fashion industry, there was no doubt in our mind that Isabella would reach our Top 5 list. Owner of one of the most outrageous wardrobes, the late Isabella Blow had many trademarks – one of them being hats! Her fascination with fashion rubbed off on others influencing the industry in more ways than one.

 Mary Quant 
Putting the swing into the 60’s Mary Quant designed clothes everyone wanted; tiny tunic dresses, knickerbockers, flared hipster trousers – the effect her designs had were sensational.  Quant may or may not have invented the miniskirt but she defiantly popularized the mini and brought exposure to strong, bold mod designs which continue to reappear on today’s runways.

Audrey Hepburn 
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and few style icons have inspired more imitators than Audrey Hepburn. No one has ever captured the heart of fashion quite like her. Our fellow top 10 designer Mary Quant once commented calling Audrey the “most stylish women that ever lived”. 

Iris Apfel 
The queen of kookiness, inspiring everyone from designers to well-known magazine editors. Apfel is someone who looks at clothing as an extension of her creative personality and self-expression, she is someone who isn’t afraid to wear colour and have fun. The icon truly is a true individual and a creative free spirit which comes across in her style.

By Georgia White

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