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Green Fingers

Gardening is currently enjoying something of a renaissance. What with The Great Allotment Challenge over on BBC2, growing your own is becoming the new cool. Whether you have an outdoor garden or are filling indoor spaces with pots and planters, the good news is that there are lots of innovative products emerging to uphold gardening’s new rep.
Before we get carried away with all the shiny new things you can get your hands on, let’s start with the basics: watering cans. Indoor and outdoor gardeners alike will need a trusty can to seem them through the seasons.
For those of you who really like to look the part, then you can do no better than a Haws watering can, the classic staple of the gardening world. These beautiful cans come in both the indoor and outdoor variety, so no matter what sort of gardening you do, you can do it in time-honoured style. 
If you’re more of a finger on the pulse of all new trends type then Shahar Peleg’s Rainmaker is sure to make you smile. Adorably cute, there is also something quintessentially cool about this little cloud shaped bottle topper in it’s mimic of nature.
Being a reader of this blog, we’re going to assume that, like us, you’re a lover of the printed word. The Balcony Gardener’s Bookend Bloccon Indoor Watering Can mixes our love of bookshelves and plants perfectly. 

We also love these ceramic vases which are cleverly disguised as hardback books and definitely wouldn’t look out of place on our shelves. Fill them with your favourite blooms to make a cute book-themed flower display, perfect for when it’s your turn to host book club!
Words by Laura Peebles

Meatball Winter Warmer

Now that the weather is turning colder (and the rain keeps falling) we want nothing more than to curl up in the evenings under a blanket, with a glass of (mulled) wine and some comfort food.   So we’ve decided to revisit one our favourite Meatball Winter Warmer recipe to warm you up…
Makes 2
150/200g minced beef
1 tsp oregano
Healthy sprinkling of paprika
Healthy sprinkling of dry coriander leaves
Pinch of ground pepper
Pinch of salt
1 slice granary bread
1 egg yolk
1 ball of mozzerella
Knob of garlic butter
100g chopped tomatoes
Mixed dry herbs
2 multi-seeded rolls
-       Make the breadcrumbs for the meatball by taking the slice of granary bread and rub it together so that crumbs form, make sure you have a mixing bowl to catch the falling crumbs
-       Cut two generous cubes from the ball of mozzarella ready to put inside the meatballs
-       Next combine the minced beef, breadcrumbs, oregano, paprika, dry coriander leaves, seasoning and combine together with the egg yolk
-       Once the mixture is held firmly together, take the mince mixture and roll into two large balls
-       Make a well (use your finger to push down in the centre of the minced ball) and place the cubed mozzarella in the centre – one cube per ball
-       Now roll into two full meatball shapes
-       Heat some oil in a frying pan – fry the meatballs on a low heat until browned on all sides
-       While the meatballs are cooking make the tomato sauce; place chopped tomatoes in a small saucepan and season, also add some herbs and the garlic butter (be as generous as you like)
-       Cook the tomato sauce until heated thoroughly and turn off the heat
-       When the meatballs are ready cut in half the fresh seeded roll and spoon the tomato sauce on the bread, then add the meatball (cut in half)
-       This is yummy for a winter lunch or snack – that melted mozzarella meatball in its garlic tomato sauce and fresh bread is just pure comfort heaven!

By Melodie Walter

Rain Check…

Spring: a time of growing warmth, chirping birds, and blooming flowers. Colours are emerging from a bleak and barren landscape, and truthfully, it’s hard not to reflect the change in our wardrobe. Pastels and florals that seemed woefully inappropriate in January are growing irresistible, while the rising temperature has us itching to don some light dresses. And yet cold spring showers too often put a damper on our style. 
This year we’re embracing rain accessories. To help inspire you, we’ve picked a few ladies who beautifully wear boots and carry umbrellas without sacrificing their style.
Clockwise from top left: 1, 2, 3, 4
If the classic rain boot style appeals to you, Hunters are well made and widely seen. Their popularity is due not only to their durability, but also to their wide range of colours and glosses. 
If you hate the clunky and restrictive nature of tall rubber boots, there are a lot of great alternatives.
 From left to right: Leopard Print, Lace Up, Bow Bootie
While your feet are warm and dry, your head is left unprotected. Your hair and make-up are subjected to the elements, often left sad versions of what they were before leaving the house. Luckily, there are countless umbrella shapes and patterns to suit your every style whim. 
Clockwise from top left: Rainbow, Black and White, Clear, Mint, Heart, City print

Spring brings the promise of better weather, but its beginning is often speckled with grey skies and rain. Rather than letting the wet weather foster a gloomy attitude and wardrobe, enjoy the details. By choosing interesting accessories that complement your taste, you’ll have fun and stay dry in style. Happy spring!

Let it rain

It’s hard to feel cheerful at the moment when it’s all grey and rainy out there – where is that summer we’re all hoping for, eh? One good thing about all this wet weather though is this beautiful photography from Gavin Hammond.
The photographer has been snapping some of London’s famous landmarks in the drizzle… but from a very unusual angle. These aren’t your ordinary landscapes, oh no! If you look a little deeper you can see the reflections from the likes of Big Ben and The London Eye staring back at you from puddles. It’s not looking so gloomy now…

Shutter Speed

April showers… we’re definitely not a fan. So to escape the rain we thought we’d share with you the beautiful images from Ana Cabaleiro. We love how the Spanish photographer has transported us into our own summer holiday with her series of polaroids.