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Chelsea Fringe

The grande dame of the gardening world, the Chelsea Flower Show returns this week for her annual celebration of horticultural design and innovation. Indeed, the designs on show tend to determine the gardening trends of the next year. And running along beside her, is new (ish) kid on the block, the Chelsea Fringe.

Having started on Saturday, the Fringe runs until 8 June and this year is taking place in and around London, as well as Brighton, Bristol, and has even spread as far afield as Vienna and Ljubjlana. 
Although only in its third year, 2014’s Fringe is playing host to a heady mix of over 200 public spectacles, horticultural happenings and community celebrations. With so many exciting events going on, we thought we’d lend a helping hand and have picked a few we like the sound of most. 
Discover London in a new light with Where the Wild Things Grow, a project which aims to make us take notice of the small and often overlooked wildernesses within the city. Where the Wild Things Grow documents the ordinary everyday weed, or wildling, and encourages us to look more closely at the botany, history and geography of our pavements, building edges, bridges and step cracks. From walks and talks, to a photography exhibitions and a pop-up café, this event takes a number of forms and each promises to be equally interesting, informative and illuminating. 
Dirt and Martini’s; Herbal cocktails in Kentish Town certainly sounds like one for tickling the taste buds. Head to the Boma Garden Centre, where they have teamed up with The Oxford Pub to bring you a Pop up Herb Garden. Sample herbal cocktails and summer snacks whilst being given top tips and expert advice on growing your own edibles at home.

The Tea Time Wonder Game invites you to become part of ‘a bizarre, wreathed in mist tea party’ and it sounds delightfully intriguing. After taking a place around the table, you become part of a performance that mixes Alice in Wonderland with A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Peter Pan, and adds a dash of Dali’s surrealism for good dreamland measure. Not necessarily directly related to gardening, but sounds fun nonetheless! 
Spend three delightful afternoons with artist Kate Osborne, exploring different watercolour techniques using the late Spring garden as inspiration. In Waterworks you will learn how to mix watercolour with other mediums to create your own beautiful botanical images.

This Pop up Edible Garden aims to show that you don’t need much space at all to grow your own food in the middle of a city. Popping up in a spot the size of a car parking space, you will be able to see for yourself the wide variety of food that can be squeezed into tight spaces and may even inspire you to turn those green fingers to growing fresh food.
Enjoy a literary evening at Bristol’s Chelsea Fringe Poetry Review. Garden and wildlife poetry will be performed by acclaimed poets as well as newcomers and the readings promise to be entertaining, informative and evocative. The perfect way to mix a little cultural learning with outdoor interests.

By Laura Peebles

Getting Crafty

We spend a lot of time working at our desks here at Cellardoor, so we thought it was about time we jazzed them up a little with a fun D.I.Y to keep our stationary mess under control. 
You’ll need: 
Patterned wrapping paper 
PVA glue 
Glue spreaders or paintbrush 
Empty tins (fruit, soup etc) 

Measure the length of your tin and mark it on your wrapping paper. 
 Mark a few lengths across the paper, marking with dots and join with a ruler and pencil. This helps to get a perfect straight line. 
Draw a line from the top to the bottom edge of the paper, this will create the rectangle that you’ll cover your tin with. Then cut out the rectangle.
Cover the tin or paper with PVA glue. Wrap around the tin, being careful not to the air bubbles and creases. 
Seal the paper in place by coating the whole tin with a layer of PVA glue. Leave to dry.
 Once dry, your pots are ready for all your desk bits and bobs! No more rummaging around for your most loved stationary. 
We’ve loved putting some fun and floral into our working space, let us know if you give this D.I.Y. a go too!
Words and photography  Emily Smith

Green Fingers

Gardening is currently enjoying something of a renaissance. What with The Great Allotment Challenge over on BBC2, growing your own is becoming the new cool. Whether you have an outdoor garden or are filling indoor spaces with pots and planters, the good news is that there are lots of innovative products emerging to uphold gardening’s new rep.
Before we get carried away with all the shiny new things you can get your hands on, let’s start with the basics: watering cans. Indoor and outdoor gardeners alike will need a trusty can to seem them through the seasons.
For those of you who really like to look the part, then you can do no better than a Haws watering can, the classic staple of the gardening world. These beautiful cans come in both the indoor and outdoor variety, so no matter what sort of gardening you do, you can do it in time-honoured style. 
If you’re more of a finger on the pulse of all new trends type then Shahar Peleg’s Rainmaker is sure to make you smile. Adorably cute, there is also something quintessentially cool about this little cloud shaped bottle topper in it’s mimic of nature.
Being a reader of this blog, we’re going to assume that, like us, you’re a lover of the printed word. The Balcony Gardener’s Bookend Bloccon Indoor Watering Can mixes our love of bookshelves and plants perfectly. 

We also love these ceramic vases which are cleverly disguised as hardback books and definitely wouldn’t look out of place on our shelves. Fill them with your favourite blooms to make a cute book-themed flower display, perfect for when it’s your turn to host book club!
Words by Laura Peebles

Kelsey Genna

Whilst flicking through the new campaign from Kelsey Genna we were transported back to the ’90s and the wardrobe of our childhoods – who remembers floral cycling shorts?!   
Designer & Founder Kelsey has been creating floral sportswear for herself since she was a teenager, and is helping to bring that nostalgia to her collection, featuring everything from floral crop tops to leopard leggings and swimwear.
See the rest of the collection here


We’re pretty smitten with these floral cushions from Bluebellgray‘s AW12 winter peony collection. In a gorgeous palette of rich plums and pinks, each piece features a stunning unique watercolour print – just in time to help brighten up those dull days! 

Check out the lookbook and full collection here.

Vintage Summer

Looking for some updates for your summer wardrobe? Well, look no further! offers a wide range of products at affordable prices, allowing you to ace that vintage summer look which, here at Cellardoor, we love.
Every item on the website is hand-picked so shop while you can, as when it’s gone – it’s gone! We love their selection of dresses with some beautiful floral patterns, along with the perfect accessories to dress them up. Or even if it’s raining (it’s the UK after all!) – why not slip on a pair of thick tights to complete the vintage look? You could even browse some warm jumpers and cardigans in the knitwear section.

We love the idea of the vintage trends coming back and settling in our fashion world today. If you want to be wearing the outfit everyone envies this summer visit and be the next vintage style sensation of your summer.
By Shannon O’Brien

Farm Girls

If there are two things we love at Cellardoor, it’s dresses and cute animals – when the two collide it’s almost a little bit too exciting. So you can imagine how we felt when we stumbled across Elkin’s spring/summer 2012 look book…
The collection features dresses of all shapes and sizes – gingham, floral, a-line, maxi – all with a fun and girly feel. And as if the farm animals weren’t enough to make you say aww, for every item they sell they donate one book to H.O.P.E – a non-profit organisation bringing art to those in need. Cute AND charitable!

Match Point

We were eagerly awaiting the start of tennis season this week, there’s something about Wimbledon that just screams summer (please take not weather!) 
Sadly the Cellardoor girls are too bust to get down to centre court so we’ve had to make do with catching the highlights on the BBC (we’re working too honest – perving on Andy Murray still counts as work doesn’t it?)
And because Wimbledon is not just about serves and short shorts, we’ve been swotting up on the best dressed guests too. Just check out Kirsten Dunst and Leith Clark posing in their best florals, it’s enough to make us want to get our own legs out.

Put A Spring In Your Step

Spring, it seems, is just around the corner. It may only be February, but all our favourite high street stores are filled to the brim with floaty tops, bikinis and sunglasses a-plenty. And whilst it may be slightly premature to start slapping on the sun cream and floppy hats, the time has certainly come to embrace those springtime prints and patterns. Goosebump-enducing tees may not be called for just yet, but we can sure make an effort with some floral footwear! Here’s a pick of the best springtime shoes out there at the minute, colourful, bright and sure to put a spring in your step.

Asos Floral Brogues  – £35.00 

Forever21 Daisy Stud Heeled Clogs – £24.80
H&M Floral Wedges – £14.99
Asos Floral Lace Up Boot – £45
Topshop Mischa Pumps  – £28
Miss Selfridge Floral Lace Up shoe – £20

By Danni Slater

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