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Prints Charming

When it comes to sprucing up a room, you can’t beat a cute and quirky framed print. Here are some that have made it on to the Cellardoor wishlist…

Ohmyframe friends quote

Friends Quote Print, OhMyFrame

LONDON marble print ss print

Capital Cities Marble Print, SS Print Shop


Chanel Inspired Perfume Print, Sonni & Blush Paper Co.

Made by girl bonjour print

Bonjour Print, Made By Girl

NiceThings print seventy tree

Nice Things Print, Seventy Tree

Window Boxes for Dummies

The first rays of spring sunshine are giving us the urge to grow something! But what do you do if you don’t have even a stamp-sized patch of outside space?

Assuming you don’t live underground and you have natural some daylight, why not get a window box? These little containers might seem like a puny compromise when you’re yearning for an orchard, but with a little bit of careful planning (and love), you can quell your gardening pangs and brighten up your view.

Window BoxHandy hints:

Drill (or hammer) some holes into the bottom of your box. If water can’t drain, your greens will drown.

Line the bottom with cracked pots (ask the garden centre as they’ll always have broken and unsellable ceramics) to aid drainage.

Choose a selection of plants that will flower at different paces. This increases the longevity of your box, as there will always be a new plant in bloom.

Select low lying bedding plants. Taller plants will lean towards the sun, making the box look lopsided.

Give your plants space to spread; this’ll fill out the box without costing a fortune.

If you’re thinking of growing herbs, try single seed plants like chives and parsley, as they will grow in abundance in any space. Avoid mint at all costs, as it’s an aggressive plant(!) which will dominate the space and squeeze other herbs out.

Happy growing!

By Yvonne Dickson

Cheats Pizza

You all know we’re huge fans of delicious things made easy, and who doesn’t like pizza? So we thought we’d mash up the two. You see with ‘normal’ pizza you have to faff about with yeast; letting that dough rise for a good hour or more. But with these? You can make these babies in half an hour from scratch. 

Let us introduce you to the wonders of flatbread. Flatbread is the easiest thing ever. You just take flour, baking powder (to give a little lift), water and natural yoghurt to make em really soft. Mix and toast in a pan! Top them with your favourite pizza toppings, whack them into the oven, and bam! PIZZA! Easy huh?


350G Flour
1 ½ Tspn Baking Powder
350G Yoghurt
Splash of water
Toppings (we used Aioli,  cherry tomatoes, onions, baby peppers, baby spinach and camembert Cheese)
Mix together the flour, baking powder, yoghurt and water to form a dough.

Lightly knead and place in a oiled bowl.

Set aside for 15 minutes while you prepare the toppings.
Cut the dough into six and roll out very thinly (the thinner the better)

Place in a heated skillet, once the bottom is golden transfer onto a oven tray.

Add toppings and grill into golden.
Remove and top with rocket or baby spinach. YUM.
Words and Photography by Britney Hazeldine

Budget Beauty

Lip scrubs are an effective way to treat your pout to some TLC and put that extra coconut oil from the last Budget Beauty post to good use. Giving your lips a gentle scrub every now and again not only sheds the unwanted dead skin, but also smooths out the canvas for lipstick application. So, if you’re a bold lip lover – listen up!

What you’ll need
1tbsp White or Brown Sugar 
1tbsp Honey 
1 Heaped tbsp Coconut Oil
1. Mix the honey and coconut oil together in a bowl. Binding them together creates the perfect conditioner to protect and soften your lips, locking in the moisture as the sugar exfoliates the layers of your lips. 
2. Fold the sugar into the mixture, being careful not to whisk as the consistency will become too runny. We chose to use white sugar for our home made lip scrub, as it’s not a coarse as brown sugar ad we already had it stocked in our pantry! After all, this is budget beauty. 
3. At this point, it’s optional to add in any essential oils or extras that you might want. We chose not too as the coconut oil itself tastes delicious! But, we suggest a couple of drops of peppermint oil works a treat to freshen your lips and breath at the same time. 
4. Gently work into your lips and remove with a damp cloth. Feel the softness! We were amazed with the results, the sugar wasn’t drying on the lips at all as the coconut oil acted almost like a lip balm and coated the skin with moisture. 
5. At this point, you can leave your lips bare, or apply your favourite bold lippy! 
 So there you have it, a Budget Beauty way to achieving an enviable pout! #selfie
Words and photography Emily Smith

Budget Beauty

SS14 is upon us and a key trend for the world of beauty is a natural glow to your complexion. Here’s our inexpensive way of achieving a youthful base without the need for makeup trickery… avocado and honey face mask.
 After being told as children not to play with our food or smoosh it all over our faces, it felt somewhat unnatural plastering our faces with avocado in the name of beauty but it really does work. Avocados aren’t just there for your side order of guacamole – they are packed with vitamin A, which clears off any dead skin cells and cleanses your skin, as well as vitamin E, which improves your skin’s health and gives you that ‘my skin is always like this’ glow. The added honey helps for an extra dose of hydration and to lock down moisture.

 You will need
1/2 ripe avocado
Generous dollop of runny honey
Here’s how…

1  Avocado in hand – carefully halve and de-pip. 
2 Carve out one half of the avocado into a bowl.

3 Mash with a fork. 
4 Add a dollop of honey – don’t be shy! 
5 Whisk a little more. Try to get a smooth consistency as lumps can be harder to apply onto your face. The honey will stop the mask slipping off.
6 Scoop into a container so you can keep hold of any extra.

7 Slather generously onto your face and leave to ‘set’ for 10 minutes. 

8 Remove with a warm, damp cloth and see the results for yourself! 
Words And Photography by Emily Smith

Chocolate Coconut Cake

Though it may be true that September has finally come around, summer still reigns! So today we would like to introduce you to something still summery and keeping in line with the coconut theme from last week, our very own Chocolate Coconut Cake!

8 oz self-raising flour
2 oz Cadbury’s drinking chocolate
¼ level tsp salt
3 eggs
2 tbsp coconut milk
1 tbsp milk
5 oz butter (room temperature)
5 oz sugar
8 small bounty bars
4 oz chopped (fresh) coconut flakes
A handful of almonds

-       Preheat oven 180 C
-       Mix all dry ingredients together (flour, salt, sugar, drinking chocolate)
-       Add the butter in and thoroughly mix the ingredients
-       Add the eggs in, one at a time, stir and beat well
-       Add the coconut milk, stir, and then add the milk and stir well – the mixture should have a mousse-like appearance
-       Pour half of the cake mixture into a well greased cake tin (18 x 7.5 cm)
-       Break into chunks three small bounty bars and lay on the cake mixture in the tin
-       Pour in the rest of the cake mixture
-       Lay three whole small bounty bars on top of the cake along with half of the fresh coconut flakes and all the almonds
-       Bake for 1 hour and 15 mins (middle shelf)
-       Once the cake has cooled, melt the three remaining small bounty bars in the microwave (30 seconds max) and with a spoon dollop onto the top of the cake and decorate with the rest of the fresh coconut flakes
-       Put in fridge or keep out and invite friends over for a sunny (or rainy) afternoon of tea and cake!

By Melodie Walter

Summer Sounds

Summer: rain, floods and cold winds are haunting us daily, so for the time being we’ve reverted back to the music that better fits a scene of a warm jumper and roasting fire, but that at least brightens the soul!

YouTube sensation Gabrielle Aplin from Bath in Somerset has the perfect tone that we love here at Cellardoor. With her playful acoustic arrangements and ability to sing and song-write, there is much to admire about this ‘internet sensation’.
In particular, ‘Home’, which is written and sung by Gabrielle, is a personal and honest song about rising above being hurt and appreciating the special people that make us feel secure wherever we are in the world. It is a song that we could almost imagine being happily lost wandering along the Celtic lands with the wind in our hair and content with life…bliss!

Gabrielle has recently toured as the support act for Gotye in February 2012 and has just completed a UK tour of her own. If you want to see this cheerful singer-songwriter, she is next playing at the Larmer Tree Festival at Salisbury in Wiltshire this week 11-15 July.

By Melodie Walter