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Drink tea with Fifi Lapin!

At Cellardoor there are a whole list of things that we love… cuteness, Fifi Lapin and tea all appear on it. You can imagine the “ooohs” and “awwws” that came from the office this morning when we stumbled across these…
The super-stylish illustrated bunny now has her own range of mugs and we can’t wait to get our hands on some. We’re glad we spotted them in time for Christmas as they’ll make great gifts. Or maybe we’ll just keep them for ourselves…
Buy yours for just £8 here!

Ho Ho Ho… Jammy Christmas

So, you want to make a homemade present, but you can’t sew and you hate to bake? Why not try your hand at jam making? All you need is a few empty jam jars (a good excuse to finish the Nutella?) and you’re good to go. No knitting needles required.
2l bs blackberries
1 lbs apples
3 lbs sugar
Peel, core and cut the apples into slices.
Wash the blackberries in cold water to remove dust and debris, then remove any remaining stalks and any ugly ones (well not ugly, that’s cruel… mouldy ones).
Place the apple slices and blackberries into a preserving pan (or heavy based sauce pan).
Add the sugar and slowly heat the berries and apples, stirring all the time.
When the sugar is dissolved and the pan contains a liquid rather than dry fruit chunks, bring the pan to the boil.
Continue boiling the jam, and removing any scum that appears on the surface.
Test the jam on a cold plate and when a sample of jam sets, pour the jam into prepared (scrubbed and sterilised in a hot oven) jars.
Cover the lid with some pretty fabric, and tie with string for a pretty jam which tastes as good as it looks.
NOTE: To be eaten with scones and clotted cream. To use in a jam sandwich would be a jammy crime!
By Yvonne Dickson
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Love Loaf

The countdown is definitely on! The prospect of fairy lights, tinsel and mince pies are all very exciting, but the sight of an empty Christmas present ideas list is definitely not.
If you’re seriously lacking in ideas and money this Christmas, here’s another little frugal but festive idea for you.
Cellardoor Love Loaf

No one could turn their nose up at a homemade, edible gift. FACT. And this Love Loaf is idiot proof and can be baked in bulk:
4 oz raisins
4 oz currants
4 oz sultanas
2 oz chopped candied peel (you can buy this, so no tedious peel-chopping for you!)
4 oz Demerara sugar
2 oz of Pecan nuts
5fl oz of Earl Grey
½ an egg beaten with 1 tsb milk
225g self raising flour

Place all the fruits, including the candied peel, in a bowl then dissolve the sugar in the hot tea and pour over the fruits. Cover and leave overnight. Heat oven to 170 degrees, put nuts on a baking sheet and pop them into the oven for 6-8 minutes. Once cool, chop roughly
Next, add the beaten egg mixture to the bowl containing the fruits. Then sift in the flour, add the toasted nuts and give everything a really good mixing.
Pop in a loaf tin and bake for 75-90 mins till it feels springy in the centre.
Turn them out and leave to cool.
Wrap in pretty rustic paper and tie with a ribbon for a pretty pressie, or served sliced, toasted and covered in butter!
By Yvonne Dickson

Cherry Drops

Christmas shopping is a real love/hate activity. You love the thought of it in October when selection boxes appear in shops, meaning you’re officially allowed to browse online for presents (to give AND to receive!). You hate it when it’s the last weekend before Christmas and you’re rushing around town loaded with overpriced gift boxes for all those tricky buggers who don’t seem to like anything.
Well how about saving time, money and the urge to pull your own hair out with a little something homemade?
Idea 1: Cherry Drop vodka
Remember Cherry Drops? They were the tastier version of a Halls Soother, without the gooey bit in the middle, that you used to rot your teeth on when you were a kid. Well why not get a little retro and try this tasty alcoholic alternative.
To make:
Sterilise a mason jar and add 3 packets of Cherry Drops to 500cl of vodka (it doesn’t have to be premium as the sweets hide the flavour, although your head won’t thank you in the morning if you buy pure gut rot).
Leave to sit for 2 days, giving the occasional stir. Once fully dissolved, pour into a pretty bottle, add a cute bow and throw in a couple of shot glasses for a festive and fun-promising pressie.
By Yvonne Dickson

Winter Wonderland

We’re starting to feel very festive this week, after seeing the Coca Cola Christmas truck all lit up in a Tesco car park and finishing our weekend off with a spot of ice Skating at Somerset House and of course a steaming mug of our Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate. So, we thought why not share some gorgeous Christmas inspiration with our lovely readers – after all it is the season of giving!